R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter

For 5G massive MIMO base station testing

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Key facts

  • Phased antenna array to form plane waves within an adjustable quiet zone (e.g. 1m ø)
  • No near-field to far-field transformation required
  • Requires 4 times less space compared to CATR based systems
  • Built in self test features
  • For R&D and production testing

Instantaneous measurements of far-field characteristics at close distance to the 5G massive MIMO base station

The R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter is a bidirectional array of 156 wideband Vivaldi antennas placed in the radiating near field of the device under test (DUT). The phased antenna array can form planar waves inside a specified quiet zone within the radiating near field of the 5G massive MIMO base station for realtime radiated power and transceiver measurements (EVM, ACLR, SEM, etc.).

Features & benefits

Compact base station test system design

Far-field measurements in near-field range

The R&S®PWC200 can drastically reduce the measurement distance required to obtain far-field characterization. OTA testing for 5G massive MIMO base stations with an aperture of 1 m at a frequency of 3.5 GHz can be done at a distance of only 1.5 m. In comparison, a direct far field measurement requires a distance of 23.5 m. The R&S®PWC200 allows test labs and manufacturers to save on floor space without compromising on measurement accuracy.

R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
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R&S®PWC200 with reference antenna

Versatile quiet zone simulation

Easy configurable quiet zone diameter and test distance

The R&S®PWC200 allows synthesis of electromagnetic fields, which are programmed when preparing the test setup. The R&S®AMS32-K61 field simulation software provides simulations with various parameters, such as the desired quiet zone diameter and test distance. This flexibility enables the R&S®PWC200 to measure base stations of different sizes with the same static test setup.

R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
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Field simulation results

Example results of electric field distribution at 3.5 GHz in the quiet zone at a distance of 1.5 m from the antenna array

Automated field calibration

Fast, motionless and automated self-calibration in the field with the R&S®AMS32 software

The R&S®AMS32-K65 field and path loss calibration software works together with the R&S®PWC-CAA1 calibration antenna to perform automated calibration and verification of the R&S®PWC200 in the field. This process does not require the opposite antennas to be moved. The high measurement accuracy can be maintained and verified from time to time in a simple and quick manner.

R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
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R&S®PWC200 with R&S®PWC-CAA1

Calibration and verification system setup with the R&S®PWC200 on the left and the R&S®PWC-CAA1 calibration antenna on the right.

Electronic near-field scanning

Automated power factor calibration and power density measurement

The R&S®AMS32-K69 power density measurement software measures the planar distribution of power density radiated by a 5G massive MIMO base station. This feature is especially useful in production testing without positioning systems. The R&S®PWC200 can easily verify the electronically steered beam of a BS for small tilt angles of +/- 10° and show the peak area.

R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
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Power factors (PF) spatial distribution graphics

Examples of RMS (left) and peak (right) power densities. Spatial distribution for a TDD signal at 3.4 GHz.

R&S®PWC200 software tools

Comprehensive R&S®PWC 200 software tools allow easy configuration

The R&S®PWC200 can be controlled by either the R&S®AMS32 system software or customer-specific OTA software. Four R&S®AMS32 tools are available as standalone executable programs: field simulation (R&S®AMS32-K61), field & path loss calibration (R&S®AMS32-K65), self-test & hardware verification (R&S®AMS32-K67) and power density measurements (R&S®AMS32-K69). The user interface is clearly arranged and the configuration data sets are visible in CSV file format.

R&S®PWC200 Plane Wave Converter
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R&S®PWC200 system software architecture

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