R&S®UPP Audio Analyzer

Multichannel and cost-efficient, for use in the lab and in production

This is a discontinued product
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Base Unit
Hardware options
Software options
System Components
  • R&S®UP-Z1M Order No. 1411.3358.02
    XLR/BNC Adapter Set, Male

  • R&S®UP-Z1MF Order No. 1411.3306.02
    XLR/BNC Adapter Set, 2 male, 2 female

  • R&S®UP-Z2 Order No. 1411.3406.02
    AES/EBU Cable for R&S®UPP-B2

  • R&S®UP-Z3 Order No. 1411.3458.02
    I²S Cable for R&S®UPP-B2/R&S®UPV-B41

  • R&S®UP-Z4 Order No. 1411.3258.02
    Eight-channel I²S Cable for R&S®UPP-B4

  • R&S®UP-Z8A Order No. 1411.3206.02
    Eight-Channel Analog Cable for R&S®UPP-B8

  • R&S®UP-Z8D Order No. 1411.3158.02
    Eight-Channel Digital Cable for R&S®UPP-B8

  • R&S®ZZA-211 Order No. 1096.3260.00R&S®ZZA-211 19" Rack Adapter
    19" Rack Adapter

    For mounting a 19" housing 2 RU high in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®UPZ Order No. 1120.8004.12 (Input) / 1120.8004.13 (Output)R&S®UPZ Audio Switcher
    Audio Switcher

    Multichannel switcher for audio channel inputs and outputs

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