R&S®M3TR software defined radios

Radio family for tactical communications

R&S®M3TR software defined radios
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R&S®M3TR software defined radios
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R&S®M3TR software defined radios
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R&S®M3TR software defined radios, Application ImageR&S®M3TR software defined radios, Front viewR&S®M3TR software defined radios, Front view

Key facts

  • Software-configurable
  • Multiband capability
  • Multi-waveform capability
  • Selective links in one net
  • User-friendly HMI (single-knob control for basic operation)

Brief description

The R&S®M3TR software defined radio family is a generation of high-performance digital radios. The lightweight R&S®MR300xH/R&S®MR300xU manpack radio offering solutions for all aspects of tactical communications as well as uniform and reduced interservice logistics forms the heart of the integrated communications system. A lightweight handheld version (R&S®MR3000P) supplements the radio family. As with the manpack radios, the R&S®MR3000P supports both open and secure communications modes.

Features & benefits

Voice communications

Analog voice

  • Analog voice - the following signal modulations are available:
    • J3E (USB, LSB)
    • A3E (AM)
    • H3E (AM)
    • F3E (FM)
  • Squelch - the following squelch types are supported:
    • Received signal strength indication (RSSI)
    • 150 Hz tone squelch
    • Signal squelch (CTCSS selective calling)
    • Syllabic squelch (digital recognition of voice components in signal)

Voice communications

Digital voice

  • For communications using the EPM (ECCM) methods R&S®SECOM-V, R&S®SECOM-H, R&S®SECOM-P and R&S®SECOS 5/16 TDMA, voice is digitally transmitted 
  • Secure voice enables encrypted connections in FF channels or together with ALE-3G
  • VoIP, SIP and phone patch: Voice over IP, especially with SIP and RTP protocols is the standard in many professional communications networks
  • Last ditch voice ensures that recipients receive voice messages in almost all circumstances

Data communications

  • HF wideband, MIL-STD-188-110C App. D
  • R&S®SECOS 5/16 TDMA
  • R&S®SECOM-V data mode
  • 72000 bit/s VHF/UHF modem
  • R&S®IPoA – IP radio transmission
  • R&S®IPoA message service
    • Alarm messages
    • Short data messages

EPM (ECCM) waveforms

  • R&S®SECOM-V - optimized for tactical communications and operates in the full VHF/UHF band
  • R&S®SECOM-H - a Rohde & Schwarz proprietary frequency hopping HF radiocommunications waveform
  • R&S®SECOS 5/16 TDMA - air-ground-air waveforms for interoperability in EPM (ECCM) mode between R&S®M3TR and R&S®M3AR and R&S®M3SR radios
  • HAVE QUICK II - the NATO ground-air-ground waveform HAVE QUICK II provides interoperability in EPM (ECCM) mode between the R&S®M3TR, R&S®M3AR, R&S®M3SR radios

Logistics and readiness

  • Low volume and weight
  • Built-in test down to module level
  • Common logistics concept for reduced costs throughout lifecycle
  • Common human-machine interface (R&S®MR300xH/R&S®MR300xU)
  • Automatic firmware update of external components
  • Synthesizer calibration via antenna connector
  • Minimal training required
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High MTBF
  • Low volume and weight
  • Power-saving mode

Available models

Available models
Frequency range
Transmission power
Form factor


Frequency range
RX: 100kHz to 512 MHz
TX: 1.5 MHz to 108 MHz
Transmission power
HF up to 20W PEP / VHF up to 10W PEP
Various MIL-STD and STANAG
Form factor
Manpack / Vehicular / Stationary


Frequency range
RX: 100 kHz to 512 MHz
TX: 25 MHz to 512 MHz
Transmission power
up to 10W PEP
Various MIL-STD and STANAG
Form factor
Manpack / Vehicular / Stationary

Available options

Hardware options

R&S®IV3001 power supply unit

The R&S®IV3001 power supply unit is a DC powered vehicle mounting frame for R&S®MR300xU and R&S®MR300xH manpack radios


R&S®IB3001 battery pack

Li-ion battery pack, for R&S®MR300xH/R&S®MR300xU radios


R&S®IC3000 battery charger, AC

Battery charger, AC, stationary; automatic charging of up to eight R&S®IB3001 Li-ion batteries


R&S®IC3001 battery charger, DC

Battery charger, DC, mobile; automatic charging of one R&S®IB3001 Li-ion battery


R&S®IV3021 vehicle mount unit

Vehicle support; vehicle mount with charger for R&S®MR3000P radios


R&S®IB3022 battery pack

Li-ion battery pack, for R&S®MR3000P radios


R&S®IC3023 vehicle charger, DC

Vehicle charger, DC, for R&S®MR3000P radios


R&S®IC3024 charger, AC

Charger, AC, mobile for R&S®MR3000P radios; automatic charging of one R&S®IB3022 Li-ion battery

Software options

R&S®GS3001S EPM software

EPM (ECCM) software: R&S®SECOM-H


R&S®GS3030S VHF/UHF EPM software

EPM (ECCM) software: SECOM-V, VHF/UHF frequency range 30 to 108 MHz, 121  to 512 MHz; SECOM-P, VHF frequency range 30 to 88 MHz; VHF/UHF modem 72 kbit/s






SECOS 5/16 TDMA, UHF frequency range 225 MHz to 400 MHz; incl. software guard receiver


R&S®GM4121S secure digital voice

Secure digital voice (supported in STANAG 4538 and FF), secure digital data (supported in STANAG 4538), last ditch voice (supported in STANAG 4538)



ALE-2G (FED-STD-1045/1046/1049)


R&S®GS4165S ALE-3G

ALE-3G in line with STANAG 4538 (FLSU, LP, LDL, HDL, OD, ALM), including ALE-2G


R&S®GM4120S HF modem

Single-tone HF modem, in line with STANAG 4285, STANAG 4529, STANAG 4539, STANAG 4481 (single channel modem), STANAG 5065, MIL-STD-188-110B, App. F

System components

R&S®VK3150C HF power amplifier

150 W HF compact power amplifier for R&S®MR300xH/R&S®MR300xU radios


R&S®VT3050C VHF/UHF power amplifier

50 W VHF/UHF compact power amplifier for R&S®MR300xH/R&S®MR300xU radios


R&S®FK3150 HF antenna tuning unit (ATU)

ATU to match rod, whip and wire antennas to the RF output of the 150 W transceiver


R&S®GB3031R single remote control unit 

With 3.5 m, 8 m or 12 m connecting cable


Fill device

Fill gun for transmitting COMSEC/TRANSEC keys


R&S®AK3001 manpack HF antenna

Wire antenna for manpack or stationary use; 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz; 150 W


R&S®AK3031 manpack antenna

Wire dipole antenna for manpack use; 2 MHz to 90 MHz; 25 W; broadband antenna  


R&S®HD3001 manpack antenna

Long wire antenna; 30 MHz to 88 (108) MHz; 30 W high-gain directional antenna


R&S®HD3088 manpack antenna

Hangup antenna; 30 MHz to 88 MHz; power rating: 12.5 W into 50 Ω


R&S®HV3004 HF whip antenna

Whip antenna for manpack; 25 MHz to 88 (108) MHz; 20 W


 R&S®HV3007 manpack antenna

Long whip antenna for manpack; 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz; 25 W


R&S®HV3009 manpack antenna

Whip antenna for manpack; 118 MHz to 400 MHz (88 MHz to 450 MHz); 15 W


R&S®AK503 vehicular HF antenna

HF antenna system for mobile use; 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz; 150 W


R&S®HA104 vehicular HF antenna

Whip antenna for vehicle use; 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz; 150 W


R&S®HV3012 vehicular antenna

Whip antenna for vehicle use; 30 MHz to 108 MHz; 75 W; low profile; with/without GPS base


R&S®HV3013 whip antenna

Whip antenna for vehicle or stationary use; 225 MHz to 512 MHz; 50 W; center-fed; with/without GPS base


R&S®HV3015 whip antenna

Whip antenna for vehicle or stationary use; 30 MHz to 108 MHz; 50 W; center-fed; with/without GPS base


R&S®HV3019 whip antenna

Whip antenna for vehicle or stationary use; 100 MHz to 400 (512) MHz; 50 W; center-fed; with/without GPS base


R&S®HK055L1 broadband antenna

Broadband antenna; 27.5 MHz to 600 MHz 

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