High-quality active and passive probes

For oscilloscopes

Test applications for oscilloscopes range from debugging complex electronic circuits to measuring the signal integrity of high-speed bus signals and characterizing power electronics with dangerous voltage levels. Measurement accuracy and operator safety depend on the probes and accessories that are used.

High-quality active and passive probes complete the Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes. Besides excellent specifications, they feature reliability and ease of use.

Passive probes
Passive broadband probes
Active single-ended probes
Active differential probes
Modular probe system
Power rail probes
High-voltage probes
  • High-voltage probes - R&S®RT-ZH03 High-voltage probe
    R&S®RT-ZH03 High-voltage probe

    250 MHz, 100:1, 100 MΩ, 850 V (RMS)

  • R&S®RT-ZH10 High-voltage probe

    400 MHz, passive, high-voltage, 100:1, 50 MΩ, 1 kV (RMS) (CAT II)

  • R&S®RT-ZH11 High-voltage probe

    400 MHz, passive, high-voltage, 1000:1, 50 MΩ, 1 kV (RMS) (CAT II)

  • R&S®RT-ZD01 High-voltage differential probe

    100 MHz, high-voltage, active, differential, 8 MΩ, 1 kV (RMS) (CAT III)

  • High-voltage probes - R&S®RT-ZD02 High-voltage differential probe
    R&S®RT-ZD02 High-voltage differential probe

    200 MHz, hight-voltage, active, differential, 10:1, BNC interface, ±20 V

  • High-voltage probes - R&S®RT-ZD08 High-voltage differential probe
    R&S®RT-ZD08 High-voltage differential probe

    800 MHz, hight-voltage, active, differential, 10:1, 200 kΩ, BNC interface, ±15 V

Current probes
EMC near-field probes
Probe accessories
  • R&S®RT-ZA1 Accessory Set for R&S®RT-ZP10 passive probe (2.5 mm probe tip)
  • R&S®RT-ZA2 Spare Accessory Set for R&S®RT-ZS10/R&S®RT-ZS10E/R&S®RT-ZS20/R&S®RT-ZS30
  • R&S®RT-ZA3 Pin set for R&S®RT-ZS10/R&S®RT-ZS10E/R&S®RT-ZS20/R&S®RT-ZS30
  • R&S®RT-ZA4 Mini Clips
  • R&S®RT-ZA5 Micro Clips
  • R&S®RT-ZA6 Lead Set
  • R&S®RT-ZA7 Pin Set for R&S®RT-ZD20/R&S®RT-ZD30
  • R&S®RT-ZA8 Pin Set for R&S®RT-ZD40
  • R&S®RT-ZA9 N(m) Adapter for R&S®RT-Zxx oscilloscope probes

    for use with signal and spectrum analyzers

  • R&S®RT-ZA10 SMA Adapter
  • R&S®RT-ZA13 Probe Power Supply
  • R&S®RT-ZA15 External Attenuator, 10:1, 2.0 GHz, 1.3 pF, 60 V DC, 42 V AC (peak) for R&S®RT-ZD20/30 probes
  • Probe accessories - R&S®RT-ZAP 3D Probe Positioner
    R&S®RT-ZAP 3D Probe Positioner

    3D positionier with central tensioning knob for easy clamping and positioning of probes (span width 200mm, clamping range 15mm).

  • Probe accessories - R&S®RT-ZF20 Power Deskew Fixture
    R&S®RT-ZF20 Power Deskew Fixture

    Deskew fixture for Current and voltage probes. Automatic deskew support by R&S®RTO-K31 power option.

  • R&S®HZ16 Test Cable with micro-clamps
  • Probe accessories - R&S®RTO-Z5 Probe case
    R&S®RTO-Z5 Probe case

    Stores active and passive probes and accessories at the back of the oscilloscope

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