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  • Cybersecurity Product overview

    Secure networksTap-proof communicationsEndpoint security andtrusted managementNetwork analysis

  • Bluetooth(TM) Product Overview

    Bluetooth(TM) Product Overview Brochures and Data Sheets Flyer WorkingonBluetooth ™solutions? Findacompletetoolboxinside! BT-Einhefter_Norm.03.08.01 13.08.2001 15:09 Uhr Seite 1 Signal and spectrum analysis with FSP (incl. option FS-K7) • Ideal for development and production of Bluetooth modules • Spectrum measurements such as output power, power density/control, Tx output spectrum • AM/FM demodulator

    This download is available in the following languages:

  • R&S®CMW Wideband Radio Communication Tester - Platform overview - Product Brochure

    The R&S®CMW wideband radio communication tester offers universal, efficient test solutions for all modern cellular and non-cellular standards. The R&S®CMW is the world’s most widely used T&M platform for development, production and service. It meets all of the requirements for a state-of-theart wireless communication tester. The R&S®CMW can also emulate network operation under realistic conditions for protocol and RF tests.

  • Install new Software Option

    I have ordered a new FSL-Kxx software option for the FSL. How can I install the newsoftware option on my FSL?First of all, we recommend that you install the latest FSL firmware. You candownload the firmware update from the product-specific R&S website. Whilethe firmware update is running, a dialog box will come up with the availableinstallation packages. Please make sure that you select the appropriateFSL-Kxx

  • FSx_RecordPlay Software

    FSxRecordPlay is a program for recording the trace data in frequency and time domain from Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers and measurement receivers via IEEE bus, LAN/Internet or internal remote control connection. The stream waveform data can be played back and analyzed directly in this software with variable speed.

  • RF Transient Analysis Software

    This application note describes a software application that can be utilized in conjunction with Rohde&Schwarz Signal- and Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Source Analyzers to capture and analyze transient signals. The software application takes advantage of the instrument’s IQ memory buffer of up to 705 Msamples to capture and analyze IQ signals in the time domain and / or frequency domain. This is useful for measuring lock time, analyzing radar pulses, finding spurious transients, and other measurements similar in nature to these. This application can be used with R&S®Signal Source Analyzer FSUP and R&S®Signal and Spectrum Analyzers FSQ, FSU, FSG, FSV.

  • Multi-TS Streaming Software

    The R&S®TSStream multi-TS streaming software streams a number of MPEG transport stream files simultaneously over a single IP interface. The individual transport streams result in a high overall bit rate. To make the streams available on a standard PC, the R&S®TSStream software does not play the transport stream files directly from the hard disk but first loads them into the RAM. The maximum number and length of the transport streams depends solely on the PC's available RAM.

  • HMExplorer Software User Manual

    Describes the specific functions of the application, including getting started and specific software modules.

  • Firmware Rollback

    I want to update my firmware. Can I also roll back the firmware to my old version before firmware update?When the analyzer firmware is updated, the analyzer will boot and operate exactly as before – in some cases even better. But if you want to return to the old version, you can restore the old analyzer firmware by pressing SETUP =>NEXT => FIRMWARE RESTORE.After you have pressed FIRMWARE RESTORE, the

  • Compatible Firmware Versions

    Which CMW500 and CMW280 callbox firmware versions are compatible?The CMW500 and CMW280 callbox firmware versions are separated into modules for each different standard. All installed modules must be compatible with the BASE module of the firmware. The version number tells you which modules are compatible with the BASE module.The first two digits of the version number must be identical in order for

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