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  • Upgrade to ATSC Mobile DTV

    This application note illustrates the upgrade from the available wireless TV standard ATSC to its expansion ATSC Mobile DTV described in the new standard A/153 (ATSCM/H), in which Rohde & Schwarz has played a major development role. An upgrade package makes it possible to efficiently extend existing ATSC infrastructures for ATSC Mobile DTV services. A central component of the ATSC Mobile DTV equipment is the R&S®AEM100 multiplexer. Together with the R&S®AVE264 H.264 Encoders, digital TV exciter (R&S®SX800) and Transmitters, it forms a complete ATSCM/H system.

  • ATSC Mobile DTV

    This application note describes ATSC Mobile DTV standard A/153, ATSC-M/H. This standard is completely implemented in the R&S®AEM100 ATSC-M/H Emission Multiplexer.

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