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  • Multi-TS Streaming Software

    The R&S®TSStream multi-TS streaming software streams a number of MPEG transport stream files simultaneously over a single IP interface. The individual transport streams result in a high overall bit rate. To make the streams available on a standard PC, the R&S®TSStream software does not play the transport stream files directly from the hard disk but first loads them into the RAM. The maximum number and length of the transport streams depends solely on the PC's available RAM.

  • R&S®DVM software video decoder

    This Application Note provides a step-by-step description of all video decoding settings you need to make. It also contains valuable information about how to optimize replay for various applications.

  • Using the Equalizer Filter in the VSA Application Firmware for R&S Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Analyzer

    The R&S spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers offer an additional equalizer filter in the Vector Signal Analysis Application Firmware R&S FSQ-K70/FSx-B73, which is a powerful tool for measurement and analysis of vector-modulated signals. This application note describes the functionality of the equalizer filter and how to set the filter parameter manually in an accurate and fast way.

  • DOCSIS 3.1 BER testing on CATV amplifiers with R&S®CLGD and R&S®FSW

    DOCSIS 3.1 BER testing on CATV amplifiers with R&S ® CLGD and R&S ® FSW

  • Efficiently testing car TV antennas

    Two R&S®ETL TV analyzers or two R&S®ETC compact TV analyzers are used to measure the receive level of a car antenna against that of a reference antenna. The R&S®BCDRIVE broadcast drive test software exports measured data for display in Google Earth.

  • ATSC Transmitter Measurements for Acceptance, Operation and Monitoring

    Broadcasting transmitters are subject to particularly stringent standards with respect to broadcast signal quality, because even small faults can lead to service disruptions for many viewers. A single instrument, the R&S®ETL TV analyzer, performs all required ATSC transmitter measurements, from the initial acceptance testing for the transmitter, to measurements performed during commis-sioning and preventive maintenance.

  • Coexistence of 5G and satellite services in the C band

    Frequency allocation plans are under discussion in the US and Europe to open the lower C band for 5G applications. This portion of the spectrum provides 5G with more bandwidth than conventional lower mobile frequency bands and is contiguous while the C band is actually in use for satellite downlinks to satellite earth stations (SES).

  • Firewall configuration for R&S®DVM

    Detailed instructions on 'How to activate the Win XP firewall'. The firewall is already activated on new units!

  • Seamless Level Setting on the R&S®SFU

    The Rohde & Schwarz SFU supports several modes of level setting. This Application Note describes the differences between these modes and especially describes a method to achieve a seamless transition without any impact to the output signal during a change of settings on an Rohde & Schwarz SFU (Firmware version > 1.30).

  • Correlated Receiver Diversity Simulations with R&S®SFU

    Receiver diversity improves reception quality by using multiple antennas with a preferably low correlation factor between each other. This results in a more robust handling of multipath signals, since a deep fade will then not affect all received signals at the same time. However, the compact dimensions of handheld devices can introduce unwanted correlation due to their dense antenna spacing. In this case, the popular diversity test setup consisting of several independent transmitters will no longer serve the needs of a realistic simulation, since correlation effects have to be taken into account here. A clever solution is to operate the R&S®SFU in split-fading mode in combination with a second transmitter. This can be another R&S®SFU, the R&S®SFE, the R&S®SFE100 or the R&S®SMU200A. In this way, two diversity signals of adjustable correlation for any common broadcast standard are coded in realtime, while their individual multipath profile is precisely specified by the extensive features of the R&S®SFU fader module.

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