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  • Multi-TS Streaming Software

    The R&S®TSStream multi-TS streaming software streams a number of MPEG transport stream files simultaneously over a single IP interface. The individual transport streams result in a high overall bit rate. To make the streams available on a standard PC, the R&S®TSStream software does not play the transport stream files directly from the hard disk but first loads them into the RAM. The maximum number and length of the transport streams depends solely on the PC's available RAM.

  • R&S®DVM software video decoder

    This Application Note provides a step-by-step description of all video decoding settings you need to make. It also contains valuable information about how to optimize replay for various applications.

  • R&S®AVBrun - Video analysis and speech quality test solution with the R&S®CMWrun sequencer software tool

    R&S®AVBrun - Video analysis and speech quality test solution with the R&S®CMWrun sequencer software tool AVBrun, CMWrun, VT-K2111, A/V distortion, POLQA, PESQ R&S ® AVBrun Video analysis and speech quality test solution with the R&S®CMWrun sequencer software tool With the introduction of voice and video over LTE (VoLTE), video telephony applications allow simultaneous transmission of video and audio

  • Using the Equalizer Filter in the VSA Application Firmware for R&S Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Analyzer

    The R&S spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers offer an additional equalizer filter in the Vector Signal Analysis Application Firmware R&S FSQ-K70/FSx-B73, which is a powerful tool for measurement and analysis of vector-modulated signals. This application note describes the functionality of the equalizer filter and how to set the filter parameter manually in an accurate and fast way.

  • R&S®AVBrun - NorDig/E-Book and DTMB testing solution

    R&S®AVBrun - NorDig/E-Book and DTMB testing solution AVBrun, NorDig, DTMB, Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M The R&S AVBrun NorDig test suite aims to provide a comprehensive quality examination of the DVB-T/DVB-T2 consumer products. The NorDig technical specifications were established to ensure that DVB-T/DVB-T2 devices on the market satisfy a common set of minimum requirements, independent of the operator

  • R&S®AVBrun - Conformance testing solution for DTG D-Book

    R&S®AVBrun - Conformance testing solution for DTG D-Book AVBrun, D-Book, DTG D-Book, DVB-T/ DVB-T2, R&S BTC, Broadcasting and Multimedia T&M R&S AVBrun Conformance testing solution for DTG D-Book. The D-Book, a Digital TV Group (DTG) publication, is a recognized and widely used test specification for DVB-T/ DVB-T2 receivers. Chapter 10 of this test specification defines a broad range of RF tests. The

  • Creating MediaFLO™ Test Scenarios in Accordance with the Minimum Performance Specification (MPS) V 1.2

    The FLO in MediaFLO stands for 'forward link only'. MediaFLO technology covers transmission of files and multimedia content to handheld devices. The FLO device minimum performance specification (MPS) was created to ensure that FLO receivers can receive a FLO service that fulfils the compatibility guidelines of the FLO air interface specification. This Application Note shows how the Broadcast Test System R&S SFU from Rohde & Schwarz can be used to generate all test scenarios required by the minimum performance specification.

  • Dolby® compliance testing

    Audio analyzers and test software from Rohde & Schwarz enable Dolby® licensees to subject their new products to the required compliance tests.

  • Comprehensive PCR Analysis - Using the R&S®DVM Family from Rohde & Schwarz R&S®DVM50/DVM100/DVM120/DVM400

    When MPEG-2 transport streams are transmitted, the program clock reference PCR is transmitted as a time reference in the receiver. A sufficiently accurate and correctly received PCR is a precondition for correct data display in the receiver. This Application Note provides an overview of definitions, functions and use of the PCR. It also explains the recommended measurements of the current measurement guidelines and offers detailed instructions on how to use the PCR measurement functions of the R&S DVM family.

  • Lip-Sync Measurement (AV Delay) for TV Displays

    Determining the delay of the video signal in relation to the audio signal aids evaluation of the quality of screens with an audio output. In some cases, such delays can reach as much as 100ms, which can cause significant irritation. This delay occurs because videosignal processing requires more computing power than audio-signal processing. The measurement solution described in this application note analyzes delays of up to +-400ms at a resolution in the order of µs.

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