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  • RF amplifiers from Rohde & Schwarz in accelerator physics

    Particle acceleration requires cavity resonators that are driven with high RF powers at defined frequencies. Rohde & Schwarz offers RF solid-state amplifiers for frequencies ranging from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, delivering CW power up to 80 kW.

  • Ensuring performance of connected home electronic products

    Wireless coexistence testing

  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Broadband Amplifiers via Web Browser

    This document answers frequently asked questions regarding Rohde & Schwarz Broadband Amplifiers. It describes remote operation and monitoring of the R&S® Broadband Amplifier series through a standard web browser.

  • Conducted EMS and EMI Measurements with R&S®EMC32

    This application note shows how to configure, calibrate and perform conducted EMS (Electro Magnetic Susceptibility) measurements according to IEC / EN 61000-4-6 and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) measurements according to CISPR 16-2-1 with the R&S®EMC32 software tool.

  • Fast and accurate passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements

    Unique automatic level controlled (ALC) based test setup using the R&S®ZVA vector network analyzer and R&S®BBA150 broadband amplifiers provides highly accurate and reproducible results in minimum test time.

  • Testing S-Parameters on Pulsed Radar Power Amplifier Modules

    This Application Note describes testing S-parameters under pulsed conditions with the R&S®ZVA vector network analyzer and either the ZVAX24 Extension unit with pulse modular option or the R&S®SMF signal generator with pulse modulator as a signal source.In addition a constant power level calibration for applications requiring high drive power for test and measurement of device under test (DUT) is also included. A LDMOS S-band radar power transistor is used as example DUT. The pulse profile mode of the R&S®ZVA is used to analyze the time-dependent behavior of the DUT.

  • Pulsed RADAR signal generation and measurements

    Current Radar development is focusing the area of signal processing. This is taken into account by this educational note, where the R&S®SMW / SMBV instruments on the transmitter side and R&S®FSW / FSV instruments on the receiver side are combined to a closed loop Radar system, performing radar detection by means of pulse compression and digital signal processing. Appropriate Rohde & Schwarz sofware tools for such applications are described as well as the interface between the tools and the test instruments.Target reader group are engineering students who want to perform tests using pulsed or chirped signals.

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