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  • Security through technology

    The R&S®QPS quick personnel security scanners are new, high-resolution security scanners designed specifically to make people screening at security checkpoints faster, more effective and comfortable.

  • Safe, highresolution radio frequency security screening

    The R&S®QPS product series provides highresolution security scanning and was specifically designed to promote faster, more effective and comfortable people screening at security checkpoints. Utilizing safe millimeterwave radio frequency technology, R&S®QPS security scanners automatically and safely detect potentially dangerous person-borne threats and contraband.

  • Designed to preserve privacy

    People screening at airports, borders, high-security facilities and in other environments requires a balance between security effectiveness and respect for the privacy of individuals being screened. R&S®QPS quick personnel security scanners deliver high-performance threat and contraband detection designed specifically to protect personal privacy and minimize intrusive secondary screening measures.

  • Testing bumper material for installation of automotive radar sensors

    Automotive radar sensors are usually installed behind vehicle bumpers. In order for the sensors to function reliably, the bumper material and paint layers where they are installed must be sufficiently transparent and homogeneous. The ¸QAR automotive radome tester provides information about the RF characteristics of the bumper material at the push of a button. The R&S®QAR enables users to optimize the material characteristics during development and verify them in production.

  • Determining the mounting position of automotive radar sensors

    Automotive radar sensors are usually integrated invisibly behind vehicle bumpers or brand emblems (radomes). For the sensors to operate as expected, they must be installed in the intended location precisely behind the area of the bumper or radome that is transparent to radar signals. The R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester allows pushbutton checking of sensors behind already installed bumpers or radomes for radiation in the right direction and a free view of the surrounding area. Use the R&S®QAR to optimize your production process and verify the mounting position of radar sensors quickly and reliably.

  • Quality automotive radome tester analyzes your radar integration

    Integrating automotive radar sensors into cars is very challenging. Radars operate behind bumpers, design emblems, in side mirrors or other plastic parts of the car. All radome materials need to be sufficiently transparent and homogeneous for automotive radars, which operate in the 77 GHz and 79 GHz band or even both simultaneously. The new system measures, visualizes and analyzes radar radomes in a manner you have never seen before. Optimize your radome material for best performance and effective integration of modern automotive radar sensors.

  • Fast, high-resolution screening

    The R&S®QPS millimeterwave personnel scanning system delivers the most accurate measurement results in 2.5 s. The instantaneous scan requires only 64 ms or five times faster than the blink of an eye, virtually eliminating the ambiguous readings that occur due to accidental movement with the longer scan time of current imaging technology.

  • Simple open design

    The R&S®QPS quick personnel security scanner transforms people screening technology with its high-performance, fully electronic and solidstate flat panel design that has no moving parts. The R&S®QPS improves the security screening experience and operations by having a simple open design for a spacious screening environment and unobstructed view for security personnel, making high-resolution people screening more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

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