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  • Reliable small cell planning using LTE test transmitter

    Reliable small cell planning is essential for important deployments like hospitals, manufacturing facilities, simply VIP (CxO) office floors or meeting rooms (the list of examples is endless). Often planning tools do not provide this high reliability and required accuracy.This application note is a simple step-by-step guide that introduces a practical method to perform reliable small cell planning.

  • Automatic Spectrum Clearance in LTE and 5G mobile networks

    RF interference is one of the largest contributors to poor network performance. It shows up in dropped calls and low data throughput rates. Traditionally, interference hunting means you get a list of sites with bad performance from an OSS. This defines the areas for interference hunting quite well.If, however, the problem remains after attempts at mitigation, it could be because other sources often mask symptoms of RF interference. Usually the strongest masking is due to the overlap between the interference signal and your network's signals. Analysis could involve complete cities or even countries, an error-prone task when using traditional spectrum analyzers and/or portable receivers and one that consumes a significant amount of time and budget.A more automated solution for larger areas can make the effort involved more manageable. The Rohde & Schwarz network scanner family (R&S®TSME, R&S®TSMA and R&S®TSMW) plus the network problem analyzer (NPA) feature of the R&S®ROMES4 measurement software is such a solution. It allows you to perform a fast drive test with a fleet of cars and collect spectrum data for your targeted or even complete network area in next to no time. Back at your office, the NPA tells you where to send dedicated interference hunting teams with an analyzer or receiver to track down the source of interference. This paper introduces the approach in detail.

  • Enabling smart macro network enhancements

    Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing solutions enable operators to efficiently increase network capacity via hardware-related, capacity-enhancing features such as antenna tilt optimization, carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO and 6-sector sites.

  • Automated spectrum clearance in LTE and 5G mobile networks

    Spectrum clearance in mobile networks is becoming ever more important as operators use new bands that previously contained other services. This is particularly important for the rollout of 5G NR.

  • Visualize your  radio network  performance

    The drive test solution from Rohde & Schwarz features convenient data export to visualize your radio network performance in Google Earth.

  • Interference hunting in TDD networks

    Trace minimum hold function with the R&S®MNT100, R&S®PR100 and R&S®DDF007

  • Interference hunting in TDD networks

    Polychrome display method with the R&S®MNT100, R&S®PR100 and R&S®DDF007

  • Assessing a MIMO Channel

    MIMO technologies are an essential component of state-of-the-art mobile radio systems and are key to achieving extremely ambitious capacity goals that include providing stable data rates in the two- to three-digit Megabit per second range over a broad coverage area. However, the effectiveness of these technologies is not always guaranteed. A channel state matrix can provide the information needed to determine whether spatial multiplexing is possible for multilayer data transmission. Simple indicators for evaluating the mobile radio channel are derived from the channel matrix. This white paper presents these parameters and discusses them based on simulated and real coverage measurement results.

  • Receiving BeiDou, GALILEO and GPS signals with MATLAB® and R&S®IQR, R&S®TSMW

    Satellite Navigation became quite common during the recent years. In addition to the established U:S: GPS system, China has develloped its own navigation system called BeiDou. Since BeiDou receivers are not yet wide spread on the market, this MATLAB based application can be used to analyze and process BeiDou signals. The free application enables and demonstrates remote operation of Rohde & Schwarz instruments using SCPI commands and attribute based drivers directly out of MATLAB scripts and functions.

  • Assessing a MIMO Channel

    Assessing a MIMO Channel Heinz Mellein, Manuel Mielkech 8NT01 MIMO Channel,Field Measurements,MIMO Evaluation,R&STSMx,R&SROMESMobile network operators need to continually upgrade network capacity in order to cope with higher data consumption, keep their subscribers loyal and attract more subscribers from the competition. MIMO technologies are an essential component of state-of-the-art mobile radio

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