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  • T&M solutions for software defined radios (SDR)

    This document provides an introduction to SDR as used for military radios and presents the relevant T&M solutions offered by Rohde & Schwarz.

  • Analyze your radar signals with wideband power sensors

    High sampling rate and automatic pulse analysis make the R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors ideal for time-domain analysis of radar pulses.

  • R&S®VISA

    R&S®VISA is a standardized software library that allows fast communications over diverse interfaces with a wide variety of T&M instruments that are detected on the network from PC applications.R&S®VISA also includes a trace tool that simultaneously monitors communications between multiple applications and T&M instruments, and permits targeted analysis with the aid of efficient filters.

  • DISCONTINUED: Program for Measurement Uncertainty Analysis with Rohde & Schwarz Power Meters

    The application note describes the Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Program NRV-Z. The program is used to determine measurement uncertainties that inevitably arise when using power meters. In particular, it covers the NRV-Z family of thermal sensors and diode sensors for high-precision power measurements, as well as the compatible basic units NRVD, NRVS and URV55.

  • Antenna Beam Characterization of 5G Mobile Devices and Base Stations Using the R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution

    Radio frequencies in bands around 28 GHz are being discussed as candidates for mobile communications of the fifth generation (5G). Beam steering will be a key feature in the context of 5G. It will be a major challenge to test the beam steering capabilities of base stations and user equipment in every phase from research and development through production. Conducted measurements will be mainly replaced by over-the-air measurements of electromagnetic radiation. Rohde & Schwarz offers the R&S®NRPM Over-the-Air (OTA) Power Measurement Solution that perfectly fits such measurement needs.Part of this solution are the R&S®NRPM-A66 antenna modules. They have integrated diode detectors. Thus, there are no cables between the antenna and the detector as in traditional setups. This avoids high and potentially unknown RF losses. The R&S®NRPM-A66 antenna modules with their integrated diode detectors are factory calibrated, which means that the user does not have to calibrate them to achieve highly accurate measurement results.This application note contains theoretical background on OTA power and pattern measurements. It gives step-by-step instructions for the verification of the power level and the radiation pattern of a device under test (DUT) in comparison to a golden device, and it presents an approach for verifying the accuracy of beam steering.

  • 5G FR1 Downlink MIMO Phase Coherent Signal Analysis

    5G New Radio (NR) FR1 MIMO or beamforming downlink signal analysis especially the phase measurement of each MIMO layer and the determination of the phase difference between the MIMO layers are essential for the 5G base station product design.In this application note, it describes two test solutions from R&S® to cope with the 5G FR1 downlink MIMO signal analysis challenges either using R&S®RTP/RTO oscilloscope or R&S®NRQ6 frequency selective power sensor as RF frontend to capture the signal and together with R&S®VSE as post-processing tool for the IQ analysis.The aim of this application note is to walk the user through the necessary steps on both test solutions to enable the 5G FR1 downlink MIMO signal analysis.It is assumed that the reader has certain pre-knowledge of 5G NR physical layer. In case a refreshment is needed, please refer to the 5G NR eBook for further reading.

  • Conducted Testing of Terrestrial Broadcast Sound Receivers according to ETSI EN 303 345

    Since June 2017 almost all radio transmitters and receivers sold or put into operation in the European Union have to be tested for immunity against interferers in adjacent frequency bands. ETSI standard EN 303 345 defines the tests to be performed on broadcast sound receivers, and the requirements to be passed.This application note describes the test procedures and provides script files and interferer signals for the Broadcast Test Center R&S®BTC.

  • How to use Rohde & Schwarz Instruments in MATLAB

    This application note outlines two different approaches for remote-controlling Rohde & Schwarz instruments out of MathWorks MATLAB: The first one uses VISA connection and direct SCPI commands. The second approach takes advantage of Rohde & Schwarz VXI plug&play instrument drivers and MATLAB Instrument Control Toolbox.

  • Test of DME/TACAN Transponders

    This Application Note describes the operating principle of DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) that is used for distance measurement in aviation. It also describes various test scenarios for the maintenance of a DME transponder. These tests require an R&S®SMA100A signal generator with R&S®SMA-K26 DME modulation option, and an R&S®NRP-Z81 wideband power sensor.

  • Remote Emulation with the R&S®NRP2 Power Meter

    The R&S®NRP2 power meter offers a remote emulation feature that makes it possible to control the instrument by commands other than the built-in native SCPI commands. This feature allows the user to replace power meters, e.g. from other manufacturers, with the R&S®NRP2 power meter without having to change the remote control code.This application note describes how to use the remote emulation feature in general. Furthermore, it describes in detail the remote emulation for each supported instrument, limitations of the individual emulations and the remaining differences between the emulated and the original commands.

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