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  • T&M solutions for software defined radios (SDR)

    This document provides an introduction to SDR as used for military radios and presents the relevant T&M solutions offered by Rohde & Schwarz.

  • DVB-xx tests for set-top boxes

    Wide range of set-top box tests in line with current DVB-xx standards using a variable, future-ready test system

  • Analyze your radar signals with wideband power sensors

    High sampling rate and automatic pulse analysis make the R&S®NRP-Z8x wideband power sensors ideal for time-domain analysis of radar pulses.

  • GDE Test Sequencer

    GDE (= Generic Demonstration Engine) is a easy-to-use, free-of-charge remote control command sequencer tool. The big advantage is that the test description is stored in a simple, easy-to-read text file, and loaded in GDE at runtime. This makes it very easy to modify tests by the user or add additional tests to already existing test solutions without redistributing big setup files.

  • Remote Emulation with the R&S®NRP2 Power Meter

    The R&S®NRP2 power meter offers a remote emulation feature that makes it possible to control the instrument by commands other than the built-in native SCPI commands. This feature allows the user to replace power meters, e.g. from other manufacturers, with the R&S®NRP2 power meter without having to change the remote control code.This application note describes how to use the remote emulation feature in general. Furthermore, it describes in detail the remote emulation for each supported instrument, limitations of the individual emulations and the remaining differences between the emulated and the original commands.

  • Test of DME/TACAN Transponders

    This Application Note describes the operating principle of DME (Distance Measurement Equipment) that is used for distance measurement in aviation. It also describes various test scenarios for the maintenance of a DME transponder. These tests require an R&S®SMA100A signal generator with R&S®SMA-K26 DME modulation option, and an R&S®NRP-Z81 wideband power sensor.

  • Testing Power Amplifiers for 3G Base Stations

    This application note describes essential test setups and test procedures for 3GPP power amplifiers especially for production lines.

  • Rohde & Schwarz Drivers under VEE - Installation and Troubleshooting

    The use of Rohde & Schwarz device drivers under VEE software is not complicated. However, a number of factors are involved, the errors that occur are often difficult to diagnose. This application provides easy and detailed support for installation and troubleshooting using National Instruments or Agilent GPIB boards.

  • R&S®VISA

    R&S®VISA is a standardized software library that allows fast communications over diverse interfaces with a wide variety of T&M instruments that are detected on the network from PC applications.R&S®VISA also includes a trace tool that simultaneously monitors communications between multiple applications and T&M instruments, and permits targeted analysis with the aid of efficient filters.

  • Power Measurements on GSM/EDGE Signals with an NRT Power Reflection Meter

    The NRT power reflection meter can measure the average burst power of TDMA signals. This application note shows how to use this feature to measure the average power in the useful part of GSM/EDGE bursts. The procedure given here can also be modified for use with other TDMA systems.

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