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  • FSx_RecordPlay Software

    FSxRecordPlay is a program for recording the trace data in frequency and time domain from Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers and measurement receivers via IEEE bus, LAN/Internet or internal remote control connection. The stream waveform data can be played back and analyzed directly in this software with variable speed.

  • RF Transient Analysis Software

    This application note describes a software application that can be utilized in conjunction with Rohde&Schwarz Signal- and Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Source Analyzers to capture and analyze transient signals. The software application takes advantage of the instrument’s IQ memory buffer of up to 705 Msamples to capture and analyze IQ signals in the time domain and / or frequency domain. This is useful for measuring lock time, analyzing radar pulses, finding spurious transients, and other measurements similar in nature to these. This application can be used with R&S®Signal Source Analyzer FSUP and R&S®Signal and Spectrum Analyzers FSQ, FSU, FSG, FSV.

  • TraceRecorder - Software Tool for Storing Trace Data

    Unattended observation of spectrum occupancy for finding spurious emissions or seldom-occuring interferers is a common task for spectrum analyzers. Sometimes spectrum data has to be monitored over quite a long period of time. TraceRecorder, a small, free-of-charge software tool for storing measurement data from Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyzers helps you to perform this measurement task. Running on a PC, it connects to the spectrum analyzer via a LAN interface. For stand alone operation, it is possible to run it directly on a spectrum analyzer, eliminating the need for an additonal computer during data acquisition.

  • Using R&S instruments with Agilent ADS Software

    This Application Note presents means to integrate R&S Test and Measurement instruments into the Agilent® ADS® Design System. Methods to include R&S Instruments are presented, accompanied by a free-of-charge software solution which is provided with this application note. It makes it very easy to include R&S Instruments into your ADS environment and your design flow. Versions for both WINDOWS XP® and LINUX® operating systems are available.

  • T&M solutions for software defined radios (SDR)

    This document provides an introduction to SDR as used for military radios and presents the relevant T&M solutions offered by Rohde & Schwarz.

  • AmpTune - Software for Measuring Amplifier Nonlinearity in Realistic Conditions

    With AMPTUNE amplifier nonlinearity can be measured with signals that are typical for the signals encountered by the amplifier in day-to-day use. The measurement can be checked by pre-distorting the control signal. Also, the results can be automatically stored for further processing with external programs.

  • Using the Digital Baseband Interface R&S®EX-IQBox with R&S®Signal Analyzers and Agilent® ADS® Software

    Your measurement task: To analyze an RF module via its digital interface. This Application Note explains how. As interfaces between the baseband and the RF modules of mobile radio base stations and terminals are increasingly digital, instruments for testing such modules need digital baseband interfaces as well. The R&S®EX-IQ-Box is a digital interface adapter that provides digital baseband I/O for Rohde & Schwarz signal generators and signal analyzers. An R&S signal analyzer with digital baseband interface R&S®FSQ-B17 can analyze digital baseband components input from the R&S®EX-IQ-Box. Data collected with a test-setup consisting of an R&S signal analyzer and the digital interface adapter R&S®EX-IQ-Box can be used in an Agilent ADS environment. For details of how to input the results to ADS, see Application Note 1MA72: 'Using R&S® Instruments within Agilent®ADS®Software'

  • Using the Equalizer Filter in the VSA Application Firmware for R&S Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Analyzer

    The R&S spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers offer an additional equalizer filter in the Vector Signal Analysis Application Firmware R&S FSQ-K70/FSx-B73, which is a powerful tool for measurement and analysis of vector-modulated signals. This application note describes the functionality of the equalizer filter and how to set the filter parameter manually in an accurate and fast way.

  • Function Test of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    Function Test of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems CompactTSVP, monitoring systems, tire pressure, RF signal, microcontroller, ISM, wireless transmission Function Test of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Your task You need to automatically check each tire pressure monitoring sensor that is built into a wheel and wirelessconnected with the onboard electronics for proper function and adherence to measurement

  • Verifying additive phase noise and jitter attenuation of PLLs in high-speed digital designs

    Increasing data rates in high-speed digital designs and wireless communications require SerDes PLLs and clock synthesizers with low additive phase noise and high jitter attenuation. Modern designs often follow a two-stage architecture, consisting of a jitter-attenuator and a frequency-synthesizer stage. Due to their high phase noise sensitivity, phase noise analyzers are the instruments of choice for these tests. To stimulate the PLL, an additional signal source with ultra low phase noise is required.

Results 1 - 10 of 259
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