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  • VXIPNP-Driver: Location of the instrument Drivers

    Location of the instrument Drivers

  • LabView Driver rsrtx - Range of Configure Trigger Channel Level

    LabView Driver rsrtx - Range of Configure Trigger Channel Level

  • Measurement Characteristics of an Automotive LED Driver Based on a Hybrid Controller

    This application note describes different measurement techniques and methods for an automotive lighting module based on a hybrid controller design. Of course, a lighting module in such an environment has to fulfil requirements according to the automotive standard, which is typically a relatively high-level standard compare to the industry standard. The oscilloscope is a perfect tool for this application to verify the set of requirements because time domain signals (analog and digital) are present in the whole design. Furthermore, measurements in the frequency domain have to be performed, which a modern oscilloscope can fulfil. In addition to the oscilloscope, a programmable power supply supports the measurement in several measurements. The set of requirements are the main reason why a hybrid controller from Microchip is a great choice for this design because it provides tremendous analogue and digital capabilities. The hybrid controller provides beside the analogue functions like an operational amplifier digital functions like analog-to-digital converter and interface functions like UART, CAN or LIN to interact with other systems. The programmable software part is hosted in the digital part. The digital part of the controller implements the communication interface and provides status information to the outer system controller. The light source itself has to avoid any flicker and shall be capable to dim to different lighting levels. Wide input voltage variations and efficiency have to be taken into account during the design of a converter dedicated for automotive applications. Nevertheless, the measurement considerations presented with the design are valid and applicable in other professional lighting industries as well.Thanks to Mr. Andreas Reiter and Mr. Milan Marjanovic from Microchip who provided us with hardware and software and their great expertise to create this application note.

  • Remote control via driver: single sweep with average of 10 - *OPC is not working

    I trigger this single sweep with the RSZVB_Send_Trigger_and_Wait_for_OPC driver, but this driver does not wait for the complete 10 sweeps. If I don't use averaging, this program is works.

  • Simplify pulse and emitter generation for radar testing

    The R&S®SMW200A signal generator together with the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software simplifies signal generation for multi-emitter environments.

  • Measurement of Maximum Sound Pressure Level of Headphones according to EN50332

    This application note explains how to use the Audio Analyzer R&S UPV for measurements of maximum sound pressure level of headphones according to EN50332. It is possible to measure a combination of music player / FM receiver and headphones, the maximum output voltage of a player / FM receiver alone or the wideband characteristic voltage of headphones alone. An application program is available for download as installer file and as VB.NET project.

  • 16-bit high definition oscilloscopes for accurate measurements in electric and hybrid cars

    The power efficiency of the drive electronics is a key parameter when developing electric drive systems. The conduction loss of the electric drive electronics is of special interest. One important parameter for determining the conduction loss is the RDS(on) of the MOSFET. When a switching MOSFET is off, it has a high drain-to-source voltage, but when it is turned on, the voltage drops to just a few hundred millivolts. A highresolution oscilloscope is needed to measure these low voltages. Probe compensation and correct probing are also vital for accurate RDS(on) measurements.

  • R&S®CMWrun - Conformance testing solution for eCall/ ERA‑Glonass

    Sequencer Software Tool

  • R&S®CMWrun - Audio performance testing solution

    Sequencer Software Tool

  • R&S®CMWrun - Video testing

    Sequencer Software Tool

Results 81 - 90 of 5562
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