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Case Study: Force Technology

Minimizing calibration downtime and optimizing test systems

Case Study / Force Technology

Optimizing the availability and costs of test systems with a customized service agreement, without compromising on quality

FORCE Technology is a leading test house specialist in the EMC and type approval industry. Its customers rely on high test quality and keeping schedules for using the test facilities. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a minimal downtime for calibration for the duration of the annual planned maintenance.

Key challenges: Maximize system availability, maintain high quality and optimize costs

With a tailor-made service solution, FORCE Technology is able to optimize the availability of its test systems and overall annual spending for maintenance significantly, thus ensuring the highest quality and service to its customers.

The service agreement covers more than a hundred high-end instruments from Rohde & Schwarz used in various EMC testing applications at different locations.

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“We are in need of an onsite and quick calibration, because this means money for us. The faster we get our equipment back and have the business up and running, the more revenue we can generate.”

Karsten Kretschmar, Site Manager at FORCE Technology

Finding the right solution for FORCE Technology: Onsite accredited calibration as key element

FORCE Technology needed a service provider that could provide ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration for its four locations, three of which in Denmark and one in Sweden. The goal was to keep the turnaround time low, the quality high and the costs predictable and transparent.

Previously, all units were sent in for calibration to a third party calibration provider, facing unpredictable total overall costs for calibration (verification), adjustments* and repairs at the OEM (Rohde & Schwarz). Plus a longer turnaround time and always the uncertainty of whether all relevant parameters had been tested or not. Additional hours of manpower were needed to handle the campaign and to ensure high quality.

* Modern high end instruments have tight specifications. Therefore, sophisticated and complex automated algorithms are used for alignments which can be carried out only by an OEM.

“We really like that everything is covered in the contract and we don’t run into additional invoices. The invoicing part is also very easy, there are no questions about who is owner of a product or which department has to pay. After two weeks of onsite calibration in January, everything is settled until next January. That really means a lot.”

Inge Lise Bank Melgaard, Head of Procurement at FORCE Technology

Support Calibration

The solution offered by Rohde & Schwarz provides FORCE Technology with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration onsite of more than a hundred high-end test instruments from Rohde & Schwarz. This means a hassle-free solution for the campaign and over the course of three years.

Well trained calibration engineers from Rohde & Schwarz using standardized test systems and the same algorithms as in production ensures that all parameters are tested to be compliant to the datasheet specifications. This avoids false parameters from passing calibration, a scenario which might lead to liability issues or recalls for their customers afterwards.

The onsite provided, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration includes adjustments and preventive maintenance to keep the customer’s investments in shape.

With all instruments covered by the service contract, it keeps annual costs predictable and optimized. Within a two weeks timeframe, the onsite campaign is performed at specified locations covering all four FORCE Technology sites with professional project management.

In addition instruments are kept at the customer‘s premises, meaning that also the risk of damage during transport is removed.

Additionally in case of an unlikely event of an unplanned repair event the TAT is accelerated by ~50% back to Rohde & Schwarz.

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