Mobile security checkpoints for public events

Case study

Behm introduces superior mobile security at large-scale public events

Mobile security checkpoints for public events

Highest precision and flexibility without compromising security: R&S®QPS Walk2000

BEHM specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-tech special vehicles, providing mobile, temporary security checkpoints for events of any size that welcome many millions through their doors. The French company has applied to be the security screening provider of the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The company offers mobile security checkpoints in a trailer, referred to as Mobile Security. This trailer can be dispatched to events that are in urgent need of a security scanning solution, where non-metallic items also need to be detected and manual screening is unacceptable in times of social distancing.

R&S®QPS Walk2000 by Rohde & Schwarz was chosen as it offers best-in-class detection capabilities via touchless screening with the highest throughput and a unique level of comfort, privacy and health protection by doing away with the need to remove outer garments.

The R&S®QPS Walk2000 body scanner is complemented by an x-ray baggage scanner, CCTV system and monitors, making the mobile security shelter a full-scale security checkpoint, ready for operation within 30 minutes of deployment.

Further configurations with two or more security scanners for larger events are in preparation.

Rohde & Schwarz solution

The versatile, state-of-the-art R&S®QPS Walk2000 security scanner is designed for high throughput requirements and for the detection of all types of potential threats and prohibited items (metallic objects, ceramics, plastics, powders, liquids and gels). It has a unique system design providing full-body coverage from all directions while a person walks through.

The scanner delivers superior penetration through clothing, so that people do not need to remove their outer garments (coats, jackets and headwear) during screening, thereby creating maximum throughput and high comfort. Operators have minimal communications requirements with persons being screened as they are not required to stop and have an unobstructed view of persons passing through the system.

Optional masking of objects carried openly in hands allows visitors to pass the screening process without personal belongings such as wallets, phones or keys needing to be screened separately. Visual inspection of such everyday carried items can easily be performed by security staff without delaying or stopping the screening process.

It offers real-time detection results, low-weight and efficient design, automatic calibration and ease of use (simple touchscreen operation and plug & play design for easy servicing).

The R&S®QPS Walk2000 security scanner uses a novel approach, based on a multiple array of micropower ultra-wideband (UWB) radio sensors to provide non-ionizing, high-resolution, three-dimensional real-time body information. The transmitted power at the scanned person’s location is almost undetectable and several orders of magnitude lower than mobile phone emissions. Persons being scanned simply walk through the system at a normal pace and with a normal gait.

The system’s detection software uses machine-learning algorithms to locate prohibited items of all material types. The R&S®QPS Walk2000 searches for anomalies indicating unusual objects rather than searching for particular items, enabling it to discover unknown and new threats. The R&S®QPS Walk2000 presents detected anomalies on a symbolic body illustration, with no indication of gender or body contours.

Precise and flexible security solutions for public events: R&S®QPS Walk2000

R&S®QPS Walk2000 was chosen by BEHM, as it offers best-in-class detection capabilities using touchless screening with maximum throughput and a unique level of comfort, privacy and health protection.

Results and achievements

Alain Behm

Alain Behm, CEO, BEHM

"The R&S®QPS Walk2000 integrated in our new MOBIL SECURITY® systems simplifies the work of the security personnel and potential threats can be discovered without people being obliged to undergo a conventional body search. It is a very exciting alternative to conventional walk-through metal detectors and it offers a new compromise between effective screen­ing and high throughput. Thanks to Rohde & Schwarz, we can now extend our range of MOBIL SECURITY® solutions to give those attending events the freedom they want."

R&S®QPS Walk2000 security scanners at the Luxembourg Rockhal festival were an instant hit with the audience and staff, halving the time required to run a scan and doubling the clear scan rate. Security personnel particularly welcomed the high clearance rate and were given the confidence that if the scanner flags up a concern, then there really is something to find. The audience welcomed the innovative scanning method, being able to enter the location comfortably and conveniently.

The limited detection capability of metal detectors and the inconvenience and invasion of privacy of manual screening have become a thing of the past. The R&S®QPS Walk2000 can be integrated into any checkpoint area without barriers, as shown with the BEHM mobile security solution. It combines advanced detection technology with an appealing open design that gives security personnel an unobstructed view of the entire checkpoint.

The R&S®QPS Walk2000 is the first 360° full-body walk-through millimeterwave security scanner on the market and the latest member of the R&S®QPS millimeterwave security scanner family. The outstanding quality and reliability of security scanners by Rohde & Schwarz have been proven time and again, e.g. at some of the world’s busiest airports since 2015, but also with other demanding applications, like loss prevention, correctional facilities, border and customs and critical infrastructure protection.

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Reliable service network

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