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Terrestrial Distribution

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High efficiency, smooth operation towards a more sustainable future

Rohde & Schwarz solutions for terrestrial transmission have stood out for decades, offering highest efficiency, smooth operation and a future-ready design. We remain at the forefront of transmission technologies such as DVB-T2 and ATSC 3.0 and are able to offer you superior solutions that are proving their reliability on a daily basis at thousands of sites all around the world. Read on and learn how our solutions address the ever-changing needs and challenges facing network operators.


Standard delivery times, guaranteed

At Rohde & Schwarz we produce more than 90% of all transmitter parts in-house, in our very own production plants. Working together with our trusted suppliers, we can ensure that our supply chain management is able to overcome global material shortages. For us, being a reliable partner is key, and we stand by our customers to guarantee that our transmitters are available within standard delivery times.


Reduce your operating costs – maximize your efficiency

Reducing operating costs is a primary challenge for network operators, and rising energy and personnel costs take it one step further. It’s challenges like these that fuel the creativity of Rohde & Schwarz engineering. Our transmitter solutions are designed with our customers and the environment in mind, and they keep operating costs to a minimum. Rohde & Schwarz systems offer unique innovations that meet the challenges of network operators by combining high energy efficiency and high availability, with low service and maintenance and low space requirements.


Channel clearance and new transmission standards

In many regions of the world, spectrum clearance and channel repack programs are either currently taking place or waiting to be implemented. The transition to new transmission standards will allow more efficient use of bandwidth and spectrum and make it possible to offer enhanced services. In these times of change, network operators need suitable strategies that allow them to continue providing today’s services without disruptions - while also preparing a seamless switchover to tomorrow’s services. Rohde & Schwarz transmitter solutions are designed to support network operators in demanding transition phases by providing channel agility, future-ready signal processing and adaptive operation features.

Operational efficiency to the max

Our new transmitter series

Our new transmitter series

Discover the TH1, our new approach to liquid-cooled, high-power transmitters shaping a more sustainable and connected future.


Efficiency in energy

Economical: minimum power consumption for cost savings over system lifetime


Efficiency in space

Space-saving: several transmitters and additional components in one rack


Efficiency in operation

Smooth: installation, operation and maintenance


Efficiency in configuration

Customer-focused: modular solutions for flexible sytem configuration


Efficiency for a lifetime

Future-ready: can be expanded to accommodate new standards and technologies


Radio transmission with HD Sync feature

HD RadioTM: Adaptive ADD compensation with R&S HD SYNC

Perfect listner experience by smooth blending between exactly time-aligned analog and digital HD RadioTM carriers with R&S HD SYNC.

Register now and download our white paper to explore different approaches to synchronizing the digital and the analog signal by utilizing the HD SYNC functionality of Rohde & Schwarz.

One World Trade Center: Broadcasting is back with Rohde & Schwarz

One World Trade Center: Broadcasting is back with Rohde & Schwarz

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in New York City and the most prestigious address for broadcasters in the United States of America. Six out of seven national broadcasters, such as WPXN (ION Media), WNET (PBS), and WWOR (FOX), have chosen to deploy the R&S®THU9evo for their primary broadcasts from One World Trade Center in New York City, but WNJU was the first station to move in.

Rohde und Schwarz - your US repack specialist

Rohde & Schwarz – your US repack specialist

In 2012, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was tasked with repacking the licensed broadcast spectrum to make room for wireless broadband. Now, with auctioning of the spectrum complete, the FCC estimates about 1,200 stations will be affected by the clearing of 84MHz of spectrum – and each of those stations will have a little more than three years to transition to their new channel assignments.

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