Aviation security screening

Aviation security screening

High-throughput passenger and employee screening solutions

R&S®QPS - aviation security scanner

Security screening for modern airports

Already used in major airports worldwide, the R&S®QPS is a state-of-the-art millimeterwave (mmWave) security scanner designed for operational efficiency. It combines high detection accuracy with a low false alarm rate - ideal for airport security. It offers:

  • Compliance with the most stringent security standards
  • Highest throughput on the market
  • Optimized passenger experience
  • Certification/approval from all major regulatory bodies, e.g., ECAC and TSA

Airport security scanners should have highly flexible designs to counter evolving threat scenarios. The modular design of the R&S®QPS allows for future enhancements, safeguarding our customers’ investment and ensuring that the scanner can keep up with new security requirements.

The R&S®QPS also provides a comfortable, seamless passenger experience with an intuitive screening posture, short scan time and an open screening environment. In addition, the scanner’s lean architecture presents no obstacles for wheelchair users and enables safe emergency evacuation, if needed.

All airport security screening solutions from Rohde & Schwarz are approved/certified by regulatory bodies, such as the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

R&S®QPS Walk2000 - a new solution for aviation security

For aviation workers and known traveler programs, the R&S®QPS Walk2000 aims to be the ideal solution. It is a full 360° walk-through security scanner: people can move through the scanner at natural walking speed. There is no need to remove outerwear and no need to pause-and-pose. This, combined with real-time automated threat detection capabilities, leads to an exceptionally high throughput of up to 750 persons per hour.

Challenges of airport security screening

The R&S®QPS addresses the numerous challenges associated with aviation security:

  • Passenger experience: With the R&S®QPS, passengers can enjoy improved comfort in an open and unobtrusive scanning environment. The scanning pose is natural, and scan times are short.
  • Investment protection: Airports want to protect their investments. The R&S®QPS scanners are extremely modular and can be easily upgraded to keep up with evolving threat scenarios. .
  • Security staff shortage: It is difficult to find and retain a sufficient number of well-trained security staff. The R&S®QPS makes the checkpoint a more inviting work environment and reduces staff dependency. The scanner is intuitive to operate, meaning that no special training is required, and new staff can be onboarded easily.
  • Interoperability: Body scanners are usually part of an integrated security system. With the R&S®QPS Server solution, R&S®QPS can be integrated into overarching security architectures.
  • Big data: Airports need proof that their security systems are working properly and efficiently. The R&S®QPS Server automatically collects data, monitors the status of the scanners and customizes the statistics needed for the board room.
  • Inclusiveness: Most security scanners require the operator to select the gender of the scanned person, and entrances are often too narrow for wheelchairs. The R&S®QPS does not distinguish between genders and is wide enough for passengers with reduced mobility.
  • Space efficiency: Checkpoints must make the most out of limited space. The R&S®QPS addresses this need with its slim, space-efficient shape. For maintenance purposes, the panels can also slide inward, creating more space for other equipment.
  • Increasing throughput: Airport need to keep up with the increasing number of travelers. The R&S®QPS has an extremely short scan time and a low false alarm rate, ensuring the fastest possible throughput.

High-performance airport security scanners

Rohde & Schwarz airport security scanners combine precise and efficient security screening with a seamless, comfortable passenger experience. The scanner consists of flat panels equipped with thousands of antennas that rapidly emit low-power mmWaves. These waves are reflected by the passenger and then recorded by an equal number of receiving antennas, producing high-resolution 3D information.

The R&S®QPS detects anomalies rather than focusing on specific objects; this enables it to identify previously unknown threats. The scanner prioritizes privacy, evaluating physical information rather than generating images. The precise positions of detected objects are marked on a generic, gender-neutral avatar.

Perhaps most importantly, the R&S®QPS poses no health risks. It uses frequencies similar to those used by vehicles for automatic distance control, and the transmitted power at the scanned person's location is several orders of magnitude lower than mobile phone emissions.

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz airport security scanners

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Are mmWaves safe?

Yes, mmWaves are safe and pose no health risks. They use an extremely low transmit power and are 100% reflected by the skin.

What is the throughput?

Throughput depends on a multitude of factors, such as the passenger preparation and number of resolution stations. The average throughput for the R&S®QPS201 is 250-400 passengers/hour and can be higher at peak times if the staff is well-trained.

How many operators are needed?

One operator is sufficient, but the throughput can be maximized by increasing the number of resolution stations up to four.

What are the scanner dimensions?

Dimensions (W × H × D): 1750 mm × 2320 mm × 1433 mm

How far do the scanners need to be from one another?

Scanners can be positioned back-to-back of each other or within 10 cm of other devices. The panels can be easily slid toward the center to allow maintenance access.

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