Drone detection for test tracks

Prototype protection – detecting and countering drones early on

Drones represent a serious security risk to sensitive prototype testing activities. One particular risk is the unauthorized use of drones for espionage, provocation or gaining valuable prelaunch “spy shots”.

Although plants and testing facilities are typically protected by multiple levels of security, including several layers of high fencing and personal or video surveillance, none of these measures are an obstacle for today’s high-performance drones carrying high-definition cameras.

The risk of losing sensitive information (e.g. high-quality imagery of prototypes) and, as a result, high financial losses through a drone attack has risen dramatically.

R&S®ARDRONIS, which was developed by Rohde & Schwarz, the market leader in radio-frequency testing, is a state-of-the-art system that effectively and completely protects sensitive areas – even before a drone takes off.

Your challenges

  • Comprehensive protection of sensitive prototype operations against espionage and spy shots
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient prototype test operation in a very limited time frame, without any interruptions
  • Setting up future-proof drone protection of vast, remote areas in any weather or daylight conditions.

Our solution

  • Reliable and customized “anti-drone-shield” solution covering a surveillance area extending several kilometers around your sensitive testing facilities at any time of day or even multiple drone assaults
  • Based on radio-frequency detection, the solution is able to protect all remote areas regardless of weather or light conditions
  • Extremely fast, drone-alert warning even before the drone takes off
  • Determining the exact direction of the drone, locating the operator and possibility to record video or radio signals as possible evidence
  • Optional powerful countermeasures by the system, e.g. “signal jamming”, “forced landing” or “drone takeover”
  • Fully automated drone alert to various recipients combined with easy handling by non-specialist staff
Effectively countering drones with R&S®ARDRONIS

Your benefits

  • Reduced RISK of spy shots thanks to the extremely fast drone alert (even prelaunch over several kilometers), providing the time needed to cover prototypes
  • Reduced COST but maximum EFFICIENCY of a fully automated, reliable solution based on a comprehensive anti-drone shield, enabling smooth and efficient prototype operation
  • Reduced COMPLEXITY of an all-in-one, easy-to-handle solution that seamlessly fits into existing surveillance infrastructure while supporting highly effective drone countermeasures

R&S®ARDRONIS brochure

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Download now

„R&S®ARDRONIS-I identification package

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Detect – React – Effect - The R&S®ARDRONIS Solution

Developed by Rohde & Schwarz, the market leader in radio-frequency testing, R&S®ARDRONIS is the state-of-the-art solution for automated radio-controlled drone protection. It includes prelaunch detection, identification and localization of the operator of any drone, and even offers camera recording as well as drone countermeasures (forced landing, disruption of radio links, etc.).

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