Electronic design and test day 2019

Electronic Design and Test Day 2019

Watch the videos of all nine expert talks

Rohde & Schwarz was running an Electronic Design & Test Day in Munich on 21st February 2019. Experts of the industry and of Rohde & Schwarz were talking about design challenges, test methods and solutions. Focusing on design and testing of DC/DC converters, ensuring power integrity and high-speed interfaces, the day was concluded with IoT wireless interfaces in electronic design.

Industry guest speakers of EyeKnowHow, Picotest and Texas Instruments were prioritizing the design view including key challenges and methods. Demonstrating the solutions and applications, Rohde & Schwarz presenters were bridging product benefits with the industry design view. Time and frequency domain aspects were discussed and best practices proposed for both.

Keynote speech
Closely connected: power integrity and signal integrity - Steve Sandler, Picotest

Focal point 1: DC/DC converter design and testing

  • Switch-mode power converter compensation made easy - Bernd Geck, Texas Intsruments
  • All-in-one test solution for power electronics design - Andreas Ibl, Rohde & Schwarz
  • EMI precompliance testing - Stefan Stahuber, Rohde & Schwarz

Focal point 2: ensuring power integrity - design and testing

  • Power integrity for distributed systems - Steve Sandler, Picotest
  • Measurement tools to verify power integrity and PDN impedance - Martin Stumpf and Andrea D'Aquino, Rohde & Schwarz

Focal point 3: high-speed interface design and testing

  • Challenges in the verification of a DDR memory interface - Hermann Ruckerbauer, EyeKnowHow
  • Debugging high-speed designs with high-performance oscilloscopes - Guido Schulze and Anja Paula, Rohde & Schwarz
  • IoT: wireless interfaces in electronic designs - Joerg Koepp, Rohde & Schwarz

All nine expert talks have been recorded and optimized for presenter and slide view. Register to watch the videos and benefit from a big picture of design and test with a lot of relevant details on signal integrity, power integrity and EMI compliance.

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