FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Support of Java-based GUI


Necessary preconditions to use Java-based GUI for R&S transmitters xx8000.



xx8000 transmitter series uses two different hardware / software platforms:

  • NetCCU800 runs a Linux-OS on an embedded x86-prozessor
  • Sx800, Sx801, SR8000, SLx8000, xLx8000, SLA8000, SV8000, SCx8000 etc. running a realtime-OS on a powerPC

Especially the units running a power PC are having technical limits. That`s why Rohde & Schwarz had decided not to develop a new WebGUI (without Java) for these units.

Currently the following hardware / software may be used:

  • Windows XP … Win10 (32 und 64 bit)
  • Browser: only Internet Explorer (32 und 64 bit)
  • Java (JRE): only 32 bit
  • xx8000 devices with installed SW version ≥ 1.46.0

Remark: After updating Java, the security settings for the transmitter IP`s in the Java control panel have to be configured. xx8000 series devices shall be updated to a software version ≥ 1.46.0 to gain full control of the WebGUI.

Future view:

Oracle as the owner of Java has a substantial interest to further support Java. Although Java is losing importance in the context of Web interfaces, it is still present in many different business areas.

Microsoft with its Internet Explorer is the only provider supporting the Java-plugin. Nevertheless, there are various existing applications in the industry requiring Java or the combination of Java and Internet Explorer. A long-term support is assured.

We therefore presume that even in future Windows-based computers with Internet Explorer & Java plugin can be used to access R&S transmitters of the xx8000 series.

Remark transmitters xx7000:

The same applies for NetCCU700.