Critical Infrastructure security

Critical Infrastructure security

R&S®QPS - solutions for Critical Infrastructure security

Critical Infrastructure entry security

With the introduction of new laws - such as the EU NIS2 policy, the KRITIS law in Germany and Martyn’s Law in the UK - physical security measures are now legally required for critical infrastructures, such as:

  • Power plants
  • Water and waste water systems
  • IT and telecommunications facilities
  • Government administration organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Municipal waste disposal facilities

This means:

  • Controlling access and monitoring to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Security screening of personnel, including external personnel and service providers

The addition of new security measures can result in:

  • Queuing and congestion at entry/exit points
  • Privacy concerns
  • High staffing costs
  • Psychological impact
  • Operational complexity

The R&S®QPS provides comprehensive screening capabilities while avoiding the drawbacks of traditional security measures. Using cutting-edge millimeterwave (mmWave) technology, it detects all types of objects, regardless of material. It also offers the highest throughput rate on the market, which minimizes queuing during peak time shift changes.

Challenges of CI / Critcal Infrastructure security

The R&S®QPS addresses the numerous challenges associated with critical infrastructure security:

  • Sabotage
  • Terrorism
  • Public disruption
  • Managing peak time shift changes
  • Staffing problems and costs
  • Governmental mandates
  • Variability of objects of interest
  • Non-intrusive, respectful screening of visitors
  • Integration into existing security system
  • Low OPEX

High-performance solutions for critical infrastructure security

The R&S®QPS is ideal for critical infrastructure security. With its high precision screening capability, it detects threats of any kind within a matter of seconds. The scanner lowers operational costs by reducing the need for a large security staff. In addition, its robust design, built-in self-diagnosis capabilities and lack of moving parts result in lower maintenance costs.

Human-Centered Security Lab

Human-Centered Security Lab

Automating physical security for critical infrastructures

Step into the future of security with a new initiative from Rohde & Schwarz, in collaboration with essentry and e-shelter. The Human-Centered Security Lab (HCSL) demonstrates how to design a secure process for accessing critical infrastructures by testing selected technologies under realistic conditions. It is committed to a human-centered design approach, prioritizing privacy and user-friendliness in developing holistic security systems. Visit HCSL and experience leading technologies for a resilient society.

Benefits of the Rohde & Schwarz critical infrastructure security solutions

  • Performance insights
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Security against wide range of concealed threats
  • Addresses security staff shortage and costs
  • Touchless, respectful and fast screening
  • High-level security combined with speed and comfort
  • Different design options
  • Modular design for future integration
  • Server for networking, statistical data collection and integration to existing security management systems

Our security screening solutions

Quick Personnel Security Scanner

R&S®QPS201 quick personnel security scanner

High precision security screening solution certified for airports and border control

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Revolutionizing Security Screening with the R&S®QPS Walk2000

R&S®QPS Walk2000 walk-through security scanner

High throughput security screening for reduced queuing and comfortable user experience

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