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Innovation is our company core. Our people's ideas are essential to our success. These ideas don't always show up from 9-5. Not always in the office. We believe that our employees can only deliver their best ideas if they can shape their job in a self-determined way. That includes being able to use their time in the home office to do what they're best at: creating ideas.

Flexitime models have been with us since the 1980s. We have further expanded flexible working hours and also enable work from home, without specifying a particular location. Our work-life balance is constantly changing. Feel free to take a look around – from childcare to health and fitness – we'll strike a balance together.

Up to 60% homeoffice as new normal

Even after the pandemic ends working from home offices will stay a permanent fixture in our ways of working. Since September 2021, the new employer/works council agreement “mobile work” is in place. It applies for the headquarters in Munich and many other German locations. With the agreement, new, hybrid working hours models are established that allow employees to work remotely for 60% of the time.

"Over the past year and a half, we have seen how a culture of trust permeates our company, even as thousands of employees work from home."
Holger Schötz, Executive Vice President Human Resources

Home office came, saw - and stayed.

Covid-19 has turned all our lives upside down - and not least the world of work. Within just under three weeks, for example, 6,000 computers were connected from our home office. Our "new normal" has become very flexible - we are working on new, hybrid work models. Personal interaction will remain important to us and strengthens our trusting relationships.

During the pandemic, this was a particular challenge for our company culture. Find out here how our working environment has changed, especially after 2020. With the stories and testimonials of our people, we would like to give you an insight into how we have integrated new work, home office and hybrid models into our ways of collaboration.

A R&S Home office Guide

How were the last years for you? Intense? Working from home a lot? We saw that working remotely moved up to another level. We wanted to support our colleagues working in their homeoffices. What we had in mind: make teamwork great, no matter where we work from. With a little smile, too. Here are 7 ideas for a successful teamwork. With frogs and energy drinks. Learn more about this in our home office guide.

#1 Meet & greet!

Your colleagues are either working from home or the office. Get in touch as you would when meeting in person – and ask how everybody is doing. Tip: If your bandwidth allows, share via video. Be (pleasantly) surprised to meet your colleagues in a different environment.

#2 Breaks are allowed and essential!

No matter where you work from, you’re probably not glued to your desk 100% of the time. Everyone needs a coffee. Or tea. Or energy drink. Or simply a break. Tip: Use your status update in skype to let your colleagues know: “AFK” (away from keyboard) or “Chasing kids to do homework. Back in 5 mins”

#3 Spread the news!

Milestone reached? Product finally launched? Share your information as you would when working from the office. Intranet, Email, Sharepoint, 1-to-1 talk? Keep communicating and treat others with transparency. Tip: Better to overcommunicate or to ask back a second time than to second guess.

#4 Master the technical side

We have many tools by our side to share information, meet electronically or work on current projects. Make sure that you know these tools and how to access them Tip: Check out your company‘s IT tools and get in touch with your IT team.

#5 Structure your day

Tempted to lose your business suit or high heels? We understand. Still, establish a day with a structure / agenda or process around meetings and updates. Tip: It might help to actually get up that day.

#6 Define goals

Draw up realistic plans what you plan to achieve in the next days or weeks. This will help structure your day or work entities. Be focused, clear and concise and trust your co-workers that they will get the job done. Tip: Google „Eat that frog method“. Suitable for vegetarians, too.

#7 Use your time wisely

Working remotely gives you the chance to deep dive into the projects that otherwise would have been scattered over days and weeks. Tip: Keep telling your colleagues how you have proceeded. Maybe their deep dive thoughts are the missing puzzle piece.