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Post-production professionals work in demanding, fast-paced environments. They need mastering systems in their workflows to help them face tight deadlines and deliver high quality content to meet stringent delivery specifications. Thoroughly understanding the demanding needs of post-production workflows requires experience, and Rohde and Schwarz has played a key role in post-production technology since the advent of digitization. Today we offer workflow acceleration and efficiency with our market-leading R&S®CLIPSTER mastering system. Clipster is built for visual QC, broadcast mastering and content mastering with seamless integration to our storage and media management solutions.

Mastering solutions - CLIPSTER

Aligned with the Netflix Production Technology Alliance (Netflix PTA), R&S®CLIPSTER is fully standards compliant and provides reliable creation of file-based media deliverables, especially in package formats like the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Rohde & Schwarz is uniquely positioned to engineer reliable solutions for highest productivity while also ensuring that quality remains outstanding as you create, package and deliver your valuable media assets. Read on to learn more about our post-production solutions and how we can help you get the most out of your content.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and reliable IMF, DCP mastering
  • 4K uncompressed playback up to 120 fps
  • Fully standards compliant
  • Support for Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Vision®
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Works with compressed or uncompressed formats
  • Mix and match codecs, color spaces, resolutions on same timeline
  • Premium support with Service Level Agreements
DCP creation

DCP creation

The digital cinema (r)evolution to which Rohde & Schwarz has largely contributed, has evolved over time, and so have our comprehensive workflow solutions. Supporting all standards from InterOp to SMPTE DCP in both 2K and 4K as well as multichannel sound (including Dolby® Atmos) and DCI subtitles, Rohde & Schwarz provides reliable solutions to generate both full and supplemental packages with confidence. DCP mastering can be complex, but by using special hardware accelerators for faster than real-time processing, Rohde & Schwarz ensures that making packages is a breeze.



High Dynamic Range allows artists to express their creative intent with more freedom than ever before. To preserve the image quality of the source in all subsequent masters, high-precision color processing is mandatory. However, pixel data is just one component. HDR metadata is equally important to make sure HDR-capable display devices reproduce the content as intended. Rohde & Schwarz offers solutions for both scene referred and display referred standards.

IMF Mastering

IMF mastering

IMF is a contribution format aimed at business-to-business users such as content owners, distributors, post production facilities and broadcasters. Content owners can distribute and deliver produced content by using the versioning capabilities to easily create multiple versions as one Interoperable Master Package (IMP). Distributors are able to create multiple end formats from such an IMP. Broadcasters receiving IMPs with program content, commercials or episodes, can easily convert the content to their in-house format. Rohde & Schwarz products cover all the steps for efficiently creating your IMF masters. We were part of the IMF creation process and are proud to offer our customers the benefit of our expertise as the use of IMF in broadcast distribution and related workflows increases.



The frame rate (i.e. frames per second, fps) of a video sequence has a very significant impact on the perceived picture quality, potentially greater than an increase in resolution alone. For content producers, HFR significantly increases hardware requirements and bandwidth. Rohde & Schwarz solutions are capable of displaying and editing 4K 120fps content with ease.


Visual QC

Visual QC is a critical step in the creation of any deliverable. Not only does it require highly trained and experienced operators, but also equipment capable of precisely reproducing the stored pixels to a display output. Manufacturing our own premium-quality video hardware enables us to ensure the highest fidelity in any conversion step as well as ensure standards compliance, setting us apart from other solutions on the market.

Insights & Stories

Film Festivals

Film Festivals

For over 20 years R&S®Clipster has been a trailblazer in the media landscape. From becoming the world’s first PC workstation with a real-time scaler for 2K, 4K and beyond, R&S®Clipster has forever changed the way we create and view media and has been part of countless, touching cinematic experiences around the globe.

Eurotape Case Study

New Case Study: Speed Up Productivity and Enhance Workflows

To support daily workflows securely and seamlessly, EUROTAPE uses a combination of R&S®CLIPSTER to generate the deliverable masters and R&S®SpycerNode SC performance storage to store and manage all media. Wanting to speed up productivity and further enhance workflows, EUROTAPE upgraded to the newest version: R&S®CLIPSTER 6 Mk 2.


Explore the CLIPSTER 6-5U to CLIPSTER 6-MK2 upgrade promotion

The new CLIPSTER 6-MK2 offers the same great reliability you’ve come to know and trust from CLIPSTER, the gold standard in mastering. Updated with the latest technology to provide you with full access to enhanced performance, speed boosts and more efficient workflows, CLIPSTER 6-MK2 is now more accessible through our upgrade promotion.

Cinelab's long-term investment in R&S CLIPSTER

Cinelab's long-term investment in R&S CLIPSTER

Rohde & Schwarz supports Cinelab London's team of film specialists, who are known for excellent service and quality of work, committed to producing best quality images.

Elite Media

R&S®CLIPSTER helps Elite Media Technologie to adopt IMF

The company deploys R&S®CLIPSTER as a complete mastering solution for all post-production needs - including the creation of IMF packages.

Mission-critical mastering with R&S®CLIPSTER

Mission-critical mastering with R&S®CLIPSTER

Motion Pictures Solution needs to work with the latest technologies to address the numerous market demands for HDR and SDR deliverables. They decided for R&S®CLIPSTER.


What file formats and codecs can R&S®CLIPSTER create?

R&S®CLIPSTER can create a huge number of professional file formats including DCP, IMF, AS-11, ProRes and many more.

Can R&S®CLIPSTER support advanced features like Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

R&S®CLIPSTER has support for Dolby Vision up to v5.1 and support for both theatrical & home entertainment Dolby Atmos.

Is R&S®CLIPSTER fast and reliable?

Yes! R&S®CLIPSTER uses proprietary hardware to reliably accelerate your workflows and we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Is R&S®CLIPSTER easy to use?

Very! R&S®CLIPSTER has a familiar NLE style UI and step-by-step delivery tools to make even the most complex deliverables easy to create.

What source material can R&S®CLIPSTER support?

R&S®CLIPSTER supports professional file formats including DCP, IMF, AS-11, ProRes etc.

Is support for the R&S®CLIPSTER available if I need it?

We offer a range of SLA options to meet your business needs.

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R&S®CLIPSTER is a powerful tool for editing any type of media in any resolution and creating a high-quality professional deliverable that meets stringent, professional delivery specifications. R&S®CLIPSTER provides a foundation upon which post production vendors can build services.

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