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Munich/Teisnach nov 23, 2020

Rohde & Schwarz SOVERON D successfully demonstrates radio communications interoperability

As part of an interoperability test, Rohde & Schwarz successfully demonstrated various operational use cases with SOVERON D for government customers.

In an interoperability test, Rohde & Schwarz successfully demonstrated SOVERON D via various operational scenarios. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)
In an interoperability test, Rohde & Schwarz successfully demonstrated SOVERON D via various operational scenarios. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

In an interoperability test in late September, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrated SOVERON D (formerly SVFuA) in an operational context to government customers, as part of ongoing contracts. The aim was to show operational suitability and ruggedness of the tactical radio system and associated IP based waveforms in a heterogeneous network architecture.

In the challenging terrain of the Bavarian Forest around the Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach plant, platoon and company networks, as well as special functions for higher command levels, were configured, interconnected, and presented in both stationary and mobile operation and functionally demonstrated with both voice and data. The focus was on the highly robust, jam-resistant narrowband waveforms required for high-intensity combat situations.

The interoperability test also confirmed that the multilevel security concept is now ready for deployment by connecting SATCOM devices and backward compatibility, i.e. connecting German armed forces' (Bundeswehr) existing legacy radios into new networks. All these capabilities, needed by the Bundeswehr for their increasing digitization, are now available and have recently seen their initial production series delivery. Experts from the Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach plant and Munich successfully guided participants through the test scenarios.

"SOVERON meets the complex requirements of the German armed forces by ensuring command and control effectiveness at all operational levels, thereby contributing to information superiority," explains Hartmut Jäschke, Executive Vice President of the Secure Communications Division at Rohde & Schwarz. "The interoperability tests, in presence of our government customer, enabled us to further strengthen trust in our communications solutions. I would like to thank the team for their outstanding work in preparing and carrying out the tests."

Rohde & Schwarz SOVERON is the most innovative communications architecture on the market. The SOVERON tactical radio communications system consists of SOVERON D (formerly SVFuA), the SOVERON VR vehicular tactical radio and the SOVERON HR handheld tactical radio from Rohde & Schwarz. Together with SOVERON WAVE, this system enables military users to take an enormous step toward secure and reliable transmission of voice and data in near real time.

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