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Load a NetCCU800 backup


How to load a NetCCU800 backup?


You can create a data/system backup file on the flash card of the R&S NetCCU800 and save it to a PC, external memory or restore it to the flash card by using the SW Backup/Restore browser menu.

You can create the data/system backup file in the SW Backup/Restore menu window of the R&S NetCCU800 and from there also read it directly back into the R&S NetCCU800.

Select Backup / Restore in the browser window.

The SW Backup/Restore - Web Interface window is displayed.

The window displays the current status of the tool (Status) as well as the backup information (Backup Information) related to the data/system backup file that is stored on the flash card.

Copy the data/system backup file from the flash card to a PC or external memory.

1. Click on Download Backup file from the Device.

2. In the Windows dialog boxes that follow, select the desired file name and where you want to save it.
The file will be saved at the selected location.

Copy the data/system backup file from a PC or external memory to the flash card.

1. Click on Browse.

2. Select the desired file in the Windows dialog boxes that follow.
The selected file is shown in the display area of the Upload window segment.

3. Click Upload selected file to the Device.
The file is saved on the R&S NetCCU800 flash card and can then be loaded into the R&S NetCCU800 via the SW Backup/Restore menu window.

Menu structure of NTx Control Unit (NCU): Tx Control Unit > Setup > NCU Setup > SW Backup/Restore

Menu structure of NTx Control Unit

For restoring the backup (a restore is only possible if the backup concerned is valid; see the Backup Information part of the window).

The restore is completed with an automatic reboot.