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  • mar 21, 2017 | Press Release | Broadcast y Media

  • mar 16, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz helps developers optimize power supplies in wireless devices

    The new R&S RT-ZVC02/04 multichannel power probe can measure across large current and voltage ranges without having to switch ranges, making it possible to monitor the power consumption of chipsets, radio modules and wearables such as smartwatches. When used in combination with an R&S RTE or R&S RTO oscilloscope, the current drain can be clearly correlated with analog and digital control signals, enabling developers to optimize the battery life of such wearables and wireless devices early in the development cycle.

  • mar 15, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida R&S RTO oscilloscope offers new test options for fast serial interfaces up to 5 Gbit/s

    The new test options for the R&S RTO2000 series oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of 6 GHz make these instruments ideal for testing fast communications interfaces. The new options support the 5 Gbit/s SuperSpeed USB and PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 interfaces. There is also a new solution for USB power delivery (USB-PD).

  • mar 15, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida First 1000Base-T1 compliance test solution in the R&S RTO oscilloscope supports automotive industry

    Automotive Ethernet has established itself as a standard communications structure. All major manufacturers now depend on this cost-efficient solution for fast data transmission in motor vehicles. With the new IEEE 1000Base-T1 standard, the success story continues. Rohde & Schwarz is the first T&M equipment manufacturer to offer a compliance test solution for 1000Base-T1.

  • mar 15, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz introduces a modular probe system for precision measurements up to 9 GHz

    The R&S RT-ZM probe system used in combination with a Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope is an excellent solution for easily and precisely measuring fast signals. It offers a maximum bandwidth up to 9 GHz, a DC offset range of ±16 V and the MultiMode function that allows users to switch between test modes without recontacting.

  • mar 14, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz reinforces its commitment to the value instruments range with three new channel partner products

    At embedded world 2017, Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates that outstanding quality and innovation do not have to come with a high price tag. By introducing three entry-level test and measurement products with best in class performance, the Munich-based T&M expert is fortifying its growing commitment to its value instruments range of products. For these and other entry-level products, Rohde & Schwarz is currently extending its distribution network of channel partners worldwide.

  • mar 14, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz introduces industry's first entry-level oscilloscope with 10-bit vertical resolution and touchscreen

    Oscilloscopes are the key tool used by engineers, technicians, hobbyists and students to troubleshoot and test electronics since these instruments enable them to observe and measure electronic signals. At embedded world 2017, Rohde & Schwarz premieres its new R&S RTB2000 entry-level oscilloscope for education, R&D and manufacturing. Starting at just EUR 1,250, it delivers functionality previously only available in substantially higher priced oscilloscopes.

  • mar 14, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz brings its RF expertise to the entry class with the new R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyzer

    Rohde & Schwarz introduces the R&S FPC1000, a new entry class spectrum analyzer with outstanding quality and innovative features, engineered in Germany. It features a flexible keycode upgrade concept, solid RF performance, the largest and highest-resolution display in this class as well as integrated Wi-Fi for wireless remote control via mobile apps.

  • mar 14, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida New R&S NGE100 compact power supply with variable channel switching and versatile overpower protection

    Thanks to their state-of-the-art architecture, the new R&S NGE100 power supplies are very small, compact and quiet. The galvanically separated channels can be switched in series or in parallel to increase either the output voltage or the output power. The power supplies also offer configurable overload protection, a unique feature for instruments in the under EUR 1000 price class.

    mar 09, 2017 | Press Release | Test y medida Rohde & Schwarz is the first manufacturer to offer NB-IoT and eMTC protocol conformance test cases in a single instrument

    The R&S CMW500 is the first test platform on the market to offer both NB-IoT and eMTC protocol conformance tests. Manufacturers and test houses can now use a single instrument to verify that chipsets, modules and devices are standard-compliant.

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