Fully integrated communications solutions

Rohde & Schwarz acts as the responsible system authority coordinating the integration of a future-viable, seamless and comprehensive communications solution. Based on many years’ experience and technical expertise Rohde & Schwarz will guide the design architecture and integrate all related industry partners into this process. Different military OEMs can be part of the communications system. All major military manufacturers for accessory equipment such as headsets are supported.

Integration can, according to the customer’s preferences, be taken care of either by Rohde & Schwarz headquarters, its local entity or a local integrator. Other forms of local content such as local production, or maintenance in different levels can be accessed by a dedicated service partner program.

Secure interconnection in the tactical domain
Secure interconnection in the tactical domain

Multiple communications lines on vehicles

Software defined radios enable the vehicle to use a multitude of interoperable connections to other radios and a full IP network within the vehicle.

Even though the SOVERON®VR is a single line radio in the frequency range 30 to 512 MHz, it can transmit up to two voice channels and data in parallel into various voice and data call groups within one radio network. With the installation of a second SOVERON®VR the connection to other radio networks with various voice and data call groups is realized, based on advanced waveforms that apply orthogonal frequency hopping techniques.

With this feature, the entire intra-battalion tactical communications can be realized in one radio network and be accessed via a single SOVERON®VR. The vehicle can connect to all for its role relevant call groups of the battalion.

The second SOVERON®VR connects to another radio network, with a different waveform. Thereby coalition forces, airborne support or higher echelons can establish radio contact to the vehicle.

A typical communications system implemented into military vehicles
A typical communications system implemented into military vehicles

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