Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle

Coverage measurements of networks

Perfect coverage analysis tools for all common radio networks

Coverage measurements explore the real receiving conditions of radio networks in the field. Regulatory bodies measure the coverage for confirming the computer-simulated propagation values of the radio network plan. Coverage measurements depict the receiving quality for the population in specific areas and verify compliance with license conditions.

The Rohde & Schwarz coverage measurement systems analyze analog and digital broadcast as well as all common cellular radio networks. The systems can simply be integrated in suitable vehicles, allow comprehensive features and clear result presentations.

Vehicle based analysis of analog broadcast

Vehicle based analysis of analog broadcast

Despite the advanced digitization of most radio services, analog broadcast is still prevalent worldwide. For coverage measurements of analog broadcast, Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems simply utilize their monitoring receivers. They support operators with ITU-recommended default settings and guidelines for measurement intervals. For reducing efforts and saving time, the systems can measure the field strength and adjacent channel interference on multiple channels in parallel.

Vehicle based analysis of digital broadcast

Vehicle based analysis of digital broadcast

Digital broadcast is on the rise and has replaced the analog services in most regions. For analyzing the coverage of the digital signals, the Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems comprise TV analyzers. Besides the field strength they measure all relevant signal quality parameters. While cruising on a defined route through the specified area, the systems collect the measured values in databases and allow efficient post mission evaluations.

Vehicle based analysis of mobile phone networks

Rohde & Schwarz offers powerful, flexible tools for vehicle-based coverage measurements of cellular phone networks. The systems detect the active channels of all mobile phone standards in a specified area. There, they measure and evaluate the coverage for each mobile phone technology per network operator in order to verify compliance with the license. Moreover the systems measure all relevant parameters for assessing the quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE).

Portable analysis of mobile phone networks

Portable analysis of mobile phone networks

For difficult terrain, in buildings or other places, where vehicles have no access, Rohde & Schwarz offers portable network analysis systems. Controlled via tablet computer, they allow efficient operations, providing directly information about the coverage of each mobile phone technology from all network operators. The light-weight systems are powered by sufficiently enduring batteries and housed in comfortable backpacks for ergonomic operations.

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