Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle

Occupancy measurements

Investigating the spectrum for detecting white spaces and bottlenecks

The frequency spectrum is a scarce resource and the number of its users is increasing continuously. These facts are motivating administrations to strive for optimizing the assignments of available radio frequencies. With Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems, the authorities can perform efficient occupancy measurements. They gain data about the actual used capacity of single channels and entire frequency bands. The measurements can run automatically and yield in clear presentations of the results. With measurements at different positions and times, the systems deliver the solid basis for effective spectrum sharing in all frequency bands.

Automatic measurement

Automatic measurement

Usually, occupancy measurements are long-term campaigns. Unmanned fixed monitoring stations or transportable stations can be configured for the measurements that are performed automatically. After completion, the systems can compress the result files and send them to the control center for evaluation.

Separating emitters

Separating emitters

In some cases it might be of interest, whether one or multiple transmitters occupy a frequency. Then, the Rohde & Schwarz monitoring systems use directional measurements for separating different emitters. Identical bearings of several emissions very likely indicate identical emitters.

result presentation

Result presentation

Besides result presentation in tables, the Rohde & Schwarz monitoring systems provide clear graphical visualizations. The systems offer various templates for processing and formatting the evaluations.

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