Control center

Control centers

At the core of the nationwide spectrum monitoring system

The role of a control center in a nationwide spectrum monitoring system is to serve as a hub where numerous threads converge and from which many depart. Control centers generally enable remote control of monitoring stations, provide interfaces to spectrum management systems, coordinate measurements and compile interference reports.

Nationwide spectrum monitoring

Nationwide spectrum monitoring

The structure of nationwide spectrum monitoring systems differs from country to country. Often one central control center forms a core with subordinate regional control centers or associated fixed monitoring stations coordinating area-specific tasks. Nationwide monitoring systems often comprise a large number of different monitoring stations, including fixed, transportable, mobile, aerial and portable units.

Enhanced system availability

Enhanced system availability

Control centers continuously monitor the operating status of all the monitoring stations in the nationwide system. Anomalies or disruptions at remote stations can trigger alarms in the control center to alert operators or maintenance personnel, reducing down-times and enhancing system availability.

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