Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle

Portable monitoring stations

Spectrum monitoring in its diversity

Rohde & Schwarz portable monitoring systems are versatile tools for efficient field operations. They can be used for interference hunting, site surveys, on-site inspections and many other spectrum monitoring tasks. Portable equipment is the best choice when high flexibility is paramount or in areas inaccessible to mobile monitoring stations, such as inside buildings or in rough terrain. These systems have a portable receiver, a wide range of handheld antennas and can be extended with various options and accessories to cover a broad array of specific measurement missions, from HF all the way to the SHF range and beyond.

Versatile operation

Rohde & Schwarz portable monitoring systems cover a wide range of applications. They perform measurements in practically all radio standards, even in 5G mobile networks. With their extendable frequency ranges, the systems can be used for interference hunting, even in microwave backhaul and satellite communications links.

Ergonomic handling

Rohde & Schwarz portable monitoring systems offer an intuitive, application-oriented user interface, providing quick access to user-configurable monitoring and recording functions. A smartphone app and a phone mount on the antenna enable simple system control.

Powerful signal processing

The portable monitoring systems detect, identify and locate all types of signals. Their fast scan speed can detect even the shortest emissions. With extensive recording and replay capabilities these systems enable comprehensive documentation and post-mission technical analysis.

Reliable and field-proven

Rohde & Schwarz has been designing and manufacturing portable monitoring systems for decades. Their low weight and mature technology ensure easy system setup and permit ergonomic operation even under adverse environmental conditions in the field.

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