Flexibility in spectrum monitoring

Transportable monitoring stations

Flexibility in spectrum monitoring

Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring stations complement fixed and mobile stations in day-to-day operations. They can be deployed anywhere they are needed for a variety of tasks and temporary measurements. Their wide range of applications, operational flexibility and simple deployment make transportable monitoring stations indispensable assets.

Wide range of applications

Transportable monitoring stations are highly flexible systems that can handle numerous different tasks. They can detect and provide early warning of device defects, such as faulty discharge lamps, intermodulation or unauthorized transmissions to enable a rapid troubleshooting response. They also perform compliance measurements of registered transmitters, collect data for occupancy analysis and fill gaps in fixed station and mobile monitoring station coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

Automatic operation

Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring stations can be controlled directly via remote access. In addition, operators can configure automatic measurement procedures for hands-off automated system operation.

When automated, the systems can perform 24/7 spectrum monitoring and collect measurement data, automatically start recordings, trigger alarms or initiate other actions autonomously.

Simple deployment, quick setup

The heart of the Rohde & Schwarz transportable monitoring station is encased in a compact, lightweight and weatherproof housing. The system offers wireless connectivity but also works in automatic mode and when battery-powered is capable of fully autonomous operation. Their minimal infrastructure requirements and simple setup enables quick deployment at any site.

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Rohde & Schwarz UMS400 compact monitoring system offers a wide range of spectrum monitoring applications in a compact weatherproof housing for highly flexible deployment.

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Monitoring antennas

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring antennas combine outstanding electrical performance, sturdy design and easy handling for fixed, mobile and transportable monitoring stations.

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Spectrum monitoring software

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Signal analysis software

Rohde & Schwarz signal analysis software enables manual signal analysis in line with ITU-R SM. 1600 and offers many other features for analysis and processing individual signals and entire frequency bands.

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