Aerial monitoring stations

UAV monitoring equipment

Monitoring elevated to a new level

Rohde & Schwarz UAV monitoring equipment are perfect tools for missions high above ground that are difficult to access by other means. Typical tasks include measurements in microwave links or interference hunting. Due to their 3-D maneuverability, aerial systems measure emissions with unprecedented efficiency where measurement works best. This eliminates futile attempts to detect a side lobe of a microwave signal from the ground and ultimately saves time.

Measurements in microwave links

Rohde & Schwarz UAV monitoring equipment makes verification of license-compliant microwave links easy and reliable. It simply climbs into the main lobe and hover there, while performing the desired tasks. These include measurements of technical parameters for comparing them with the licensed values and permissible limits. This allows detection of spectrum violations and prevents potential radio interference.

Interference hunting in microwave links

Interference hunting in microwave links

Rohde & Schwarz UAV monitoring equipment makes interference hunting fast and efficient.

When microwave links interfere with other radio services or are affected itself by interference, aerial monitoring systems can be the first tool for mitigation. Thanks to its nearly unlimited mobility in all three dimensions, they can detect side lobes and back lobes of microwave links as well as other unwanted emissions. The UAV equipment can even head towards the interference and finally locate it.

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Receivers and direction finders

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring receivers and direction finders offer the latest technology and innovation for high sensitivity, accuracy and signal processing, enabling reliable spectrum monitoring results.

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Monitoring antennas

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring antennas combine outstanding electrical performance, sturdy design and easy handling for fixed, mobile and portable monitoring stations.

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Spectrum monitoring software

Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring software performs measurements and analysis in line with the ITU spectrum monitoring handbook and other ITU recommendations.

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Signal analysis software

Rohde & Schwarz signal analysis software enables manual signal analysis in line with ITU-R SM. 1600 and offers many other features for analysis and processing individual signals and entire frequency bands.

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Microwave monitoring elevated to a new level

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Monitoring elevated to a new level

Monitoring elevated to a new level

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