White paper: An overview of space electronic warfare

White paper: An overview of space electronic warfare

As space becomes increasingly vital for economic success, national security, and societal well-being, the realm of space electronic warfare (EW) emerges as a game-changer in military operations. By harnessing non-kinetic force protection methods and minimizing space debris generation, EW offers unprecedented advantages for safe and efficient space operations.

The absence of electromagnetic constraints in space unlocks new possibilities for sensing, communications, force protection and force projection. However, navigating this extended spectrum poses significant challenges, necessitating innovative techniques, technologies and systems to establish and maintain spectrum superiority.

Our comprehensive white paper provides an in-depth exploration of space EW - from the space domain ecosystem to important EW technologies. Learn about the five Ds of offensive space EW, jamming mitigation techniques and much more. Additionally, discover a range of cutting-edge tools that can be employed for effective EW activities in space.

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