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RTO - Export of waveform data into MATLAB


I want to export the waveform data of my RTO scope into MATLAB, but the only way I found so far is the screenshot option. Is there another way to use the trace data in my script?


A screenshot will not help in that case as it's in pixle- format. The RTO supports at least two ways to get the trace data available point by point:
Use the export function in the [FILE] menu

Function [FILE] menu

This function allows to export the data to a USB stick in the following formats: .bin, .xml, .csv.
Disadvantage: You have to import the data separately using MATLAB

Enhance your MATLAB script with a remote control function
This function will allow to control the scope and also import the trace data directly into a variable. It offers different formats as ASCII, Real32, INT8, INT16. These format are described in detail in the "Remote Control Commands" section of your scope's manual.

These simple commands will allow to read the data:
% Read Waveform Data
fprintf (RTO, 'CHANnel1:DATA?');

Off course there are some other commands necessary e.g. to prepare the communication. Please find an example script in the attachment of this FAQ. It will reset and prepare the scope by AUTOSET, perform a single acquisition and read the waveform into a variable using ASCII format.