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Rohde & Schwarz showcases security scanner portfolio at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023

Rohde & Schwarz is exhibiting its comprehensive portfolio of static and walk-through security scanners to meet the highest airport security and passenger comfort requirements. The renowned R&S QPS201 with an extension for intuitive passenger self-screening will be on display. The new and revolutionary R&S QPS Walk2000 walk-through millimeterwave scanner can screen at the highest standards without stopping the flow of passengers. The R&S QPS product family provides high resolution security scanning and was specifically designed to promote faster, more efficient and comfortable people screening at security checkpoints. Utilizing safe millimeterwave radio frequency technology, the security scanners automatically and safely detect potential dangerous threats and contraband.

The walk-through security scanner from Rohde & Schwarz will be live at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)
The walk-through security scanner from Rohde & Schwarz will be live at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023. (Image: Rohde & Schwarz)

The R&S®QPS is the most secure and most convenient solution for air travelers. Visitors will see the multiple-step approach towards fully automated screening that Rohde & Schwarz developed in cooperation with dormakaba, a global leader in smart & secure access solutions. Passenger self-screening combines improved efficiency with a better passenger experience without compromising security. Most important is the improved job quality for security screeners who no longer have to perform monotonous routines and can focus on important security procedures.

In addition to the R&S QPS 201, the R&S®QPS Walk2000 a full 360° walk-through security scanner for fast and touchless screening will be at the show. The system operates with extremely low output power in the ultra-wide-band frequency range for excellent penetration of multiple layers of clothing, making the time-consuming removal of shoes and clothing unnecessary. People can walk through the system at a natural pace and with normal posture. AI-based detection software automatically identifies any material. The results are displayed in real time on a gender-neutral avatar and with LED stripes.

Automatic calibration allows uninterrupted operation, while a robust design, built-in self-diagnosis capabilities and no moving parts help lower maintenance costs. The scanner can easily be integrated into a complete security lane architecture or other end-to-end integrated security solutions.

Both the R&S QPS201 and the R&S QPS Walk2000 can be experienced at the Passenger Terminal EXPO 2023 in Amsterdam, from March 14 to 16, at booth 1115.

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Mar 6, 2023
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