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How we succeed by being flexible

Whether it is caring for a family member, looking after offspring, or having more time for hobbies: finding the right work-life balance is often not that simple. At Rohde & Schwarz we offer our employees flexible worktime models. This ranges from taking advantage of parental leave or a sabbatical, the option of working from home, right through to agreed contractual flexitime arrangements. The offer applies both to employees and executives. Björn Schmidt, Director of 7MME R&D Media Monitoring in Media Technologies, opted for two months’ parental leave with his small son. He has not regretted it - the very reverse!

Bjoern Schmidt Rohde & Schwarz

Actually, Björn Schmidt’s plan for his parental leave was that he wanted to help his son get used to the new situation in the children’s day-care center. But then everything changed: The day-care place only became available later on and so, without further ado, the family decided to go on a trip through Italy. “It was great and I am glad I had that time with my wife and son.” At the same time the qualified electrical engineer was initially not totally sure how much parental leave he should take. “My colleagues advised me to definitely take two months at a stretch and promised me their total support during my absence.”

Personal contact partner

The HR department also provided Björn Schmidt with assistance and advice. “If I wanted to know something about parental leave, child allowance or reintegration after being away from work, my personal contact partner in the HR department answered all my questions and, for example, also gave me tips on completing the parental leave form,” reports the Heidelberg native.

Bjoern Schmidt Rohde & Schwarz

Flexitime and more

Young families in Munich also receive support through Rohde & Schwarz’s own children’s day-care facility that was opened at the headquarters in the fall of 2020. Björn Schmidt also values the opportunity, for instance, of using flexitime as necessary to start later in the morning or answer emails in the evening from home. “My job is my hobby,” he says with a smile. “And the family ensures there is a balance if the pressure is on at work. It is nice that I can harmonize both of these so well at Rohde & Schwarz.”

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