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ESxS - Printer


What kind of printers can be used with ESxS test receivers ?


Choosing A Printer

There are still various printers available that are compatible with the previous ES(x)S test receivers.

However, as new models of printers are continuously being launched, it is impossible for Rohde & Schwarz to test every new printer for compatibility and to supply a current list of compatible models.

But the requirements listed below will help you to select a compatible printer for your ES(x)S receiver:

It must have a Centronics Parallel interface.

Language: It must use "PCL" emulation (PCL4, PCL5). Check the printer specifications.

You can choose Laser, Inkjet or 24-pin EPSON compatible printers.

Do not use dual emulation printers (example: PCL and Postscript).

---> It seems that the HP Business Inkjet 2300 printer (C8125A) is not compatible:

ESxS - Printer

Do not use "GDI" printers.

Do not choose USB printers.

The printer must have the following type of connector (36 pins):

ESxS - Printer