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SM300 and USB with HP VEE version 7.5


We try to communicate with Agilent VEE and the R&S SM300 signal generator.

We have communications problems with the SM300. After installing the USB driver from your website,

Windows recognizes it as a "SM300 Signal generator" in the group "Rohde&Schwarz USB Devices".

But Agilent IO Library Suite 14 does not see the device at all.


FAQ => "SM300 and Agilent VEE 7.00 produce error"

This FAQ did not fix the problem, but the following steps will fix it

=> Start the R&S software SiScan at


Rohde & Schwarz



For labeling the instrument in the settings, use the logical name SM300.

Enter the entire USB address (USB::etc) as SiScan shows it in the

init() address block, and now everything will work fine!