The role of AI/ML in future wireless communication

Presented by Andreas Rössler

An early test & measurement perspective

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of machine learning (ML) accompanies the user of a state-of-the-art wireless device daily. It has achieved tremendous success in image identification, video recognition and natural language processing, to name just a few examples. However, for the next generation of wireless communication, aka 6G, researchers propose AI/ML models and algorithms that natively drive the air interface by replacing individual or even multiple blocks of the signal processing chain. An AI-native interface with self-optimizing transceivers would, at least in theory, provide significant performance gains even under extreme radio channel conditions. Yet this potential revolution also implies substantial challenges from a design and testing perspective. This webinar will introduce the attendees to the ongoing fundamental research, discuss related challenges and how test and measurement solutions can accompany this research.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AI/ML is used in today’s 5G mobile networks
  • The current status of the fundamental research for an AI-native air interface in 6G
  • How AI/ML outperforms the classical signal processing approach, and the potential performance gains
  • What role test & measurement solutions play in this context