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About Us

What is “The R&S Technology Academy”?

The R&S Technology Academy was founded more than 35 years ago as the Rohde & Schwarz Training Center to train R&S customers on the entire R&S portfolio of RF products, systems applications and related RF technologies. One of the first public customer training offerings dates from 1987. The topics within R&S standard programs are varying, however R&S also offers a wide range of customized courses in several formats (classroom, onsite, Live-virtual and online courses).

R&S began its first E-Learning activity in 2001 by establishing a small video studio. The trainer presented the topic in front of a camera and a video tape was prepared for distribution to internal employees. The first active steps towards the direction of digital E-Learnings (computer-based trainings) began in 2005. Today we are developing and deliver technical training courses in several learning formats.

Our focus is on teaching practical, relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Where is “The R&S Technology Academy located?

Our online courses are available 24/7 in any location worldwide with internet access. Live-virtual classrooms are available at dedicated dates in any location and our classroom courses are offered at several R&S locations at fixed date or on your premises.

Who teaches the courses?

All trainings are performed by certified technical trainers, each of them a subject matter expert, typically with over 20 years of experience, ready to share their comprehensive knowledge of the subjects they teach. Beside their technical expertise every trainer is educated in the fundamentals in didactic and teaching methods.

We aim to translate complex technical theory into practical, understandable and relevant concepts that can be applied to solve real world problems.

What’s our Philosophy?

Independent of the learning format, R&S courses and the assessments are structured and prepared according to well-defined learning objectives with interaction, practical exercises written exercises, self-assessments and final assessment, if applicable. If necessary additional application notes and other learning lectures are added to the course.

We aim to develop your skills to make you more knowledgeable and efficient.

For any questions, feel free to contact our team.

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Further training portfolio

Hands-on, virtual classrooms

Access virtual classroom conveniently from your desk – followed by live Q&A sessions and live measurement demonstrations.

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Training at Rohde & Schwarz headquarters

Let our experienced instructors help you expand your knowledge, explain the latest test and measurement challenges, and present relevant solutions.

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Tailored, on-site training

Customized training when and where you need it. Learn in your own work environment and apply your newly gained knowledge immediately.

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