R&S®MXO 4 - Mediacenter

CAN bus trigger and decode using the R&S®MXO4 oscilloscope

Watch this video to get a practical demonstration of how to use the MXO4 oscilloscope’s CAN bus trigger and decode capability to debug CAN interfaces and busses.


Whisper quiet operation

The audible noise of the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscope is extremely low, making it a breeze to work with.


Arbitrary waveform generator

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes offers a fully integrated two-channel 100 MHz arbitrary waveform generator with a wide range of waveforms and modulation types.


Digital logic channels

All R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes have the necessary hardware built into every instrument - all the user needs are the logic probes required to start using the 16 digital channels.


Independent spectrum analysis settings

Configure the spectrum analysis function of the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscope by simply entering typical parameters such as center frequency, span or resolution bandwidth (RBW). The spectrum settings are independent of the time domain settings yet are fully time-correlated.


Deep memory

More acquisition memory gives oscilloscopes the ability to capture more time while retaining highest sample rate and bandwidth. With 400 Mpoints acquisition memory, standard on all four channels simultaneously, the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscope offers the ability to capture more time intervals and zoom into the details without aliasing.


Quick math measurements

With 5 math channels and over 15 different functions, performing in-depth analysis on live or captured waveforms are always available with the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes


Easy remote use

Remotely control the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscope and view the display on a PC or mobile device. View the same user interface as the oscilloscope remotely.


Power Integrity measurements

Debugging and validating power rails are made more efficient by the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes. It offers many advantages such as large DC offset control to measure small voltages, finding coupled sources of interference with fast spectrum and numerous others.


Low noise floor

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes are engineered with the lowest-in-industry system measurement noise of just 22 µV AC (RMS) at 1 mV/div with 20 MHz bandwidth.


Fast update rate

Find signal anomalies quickly with the R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes unparalleled update rates. A dedicated ASIC: the MXO-EP integrated into the signal processing path helps to acquire, process and display up to 4.5 million waveforms/s.


Superior spectrum

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes offers superior RF measurement capabilities. The pristine RF characteristics of the instrument and dedicated controls balance great spectrum performance with the synchronized time domain view.


Intuitive user menu for straight forward workflows

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes are extremely easy to use. The main menu icon provides access to all instrument settings. Or easily search for any oscilloscope parameter by simply typing it in the search bar.


Increase productivity with customizable toolbars

The toolbar enables quick access to important tools. The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes enables users to choose from a variety of tools and arrange them with maximum flexibility.


Customizable waveform display with R&S®SmartGrid

The R&S®SmartGrid of R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscope helps to configure an individual layout of the waveform display.


12 bit ADC: all the time

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes incorporate a 12 bit A/D converter for precise vertical sampling to give users the highest accuracy, even at the fastest sample rates. Additionally, the standard HD mode offers users a tradeoff between bandwidth and resolution, achieving up to 18 bit vertical resolution.


Best trigger sensitivity

Unlike older analog trigger architectures, the R&S®MXO 4 series incorporates a digital trigger system offering numerous advantages such as the industry's most sensitivity enabling users to isolate difficult-to-find signal anomalies.


Vesa Mount

The R&S®MXO 4 oscilloscopes includes a standard VESA pattern (100mm x 100mm) at the back of the instrument, giving greater flexibility when working on a crowded bench.


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