R&S®RTO6 - Mediacenter

1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet compliance test with Test Mode 4

Performing the “Distortion with disturber” test on a 1000BASE-T1 DUT from Marvell.


1000BASE-T1 interoperability test

In this video we show how to perform the Signal Quality Indicator (SQI) test requirement for the OPEN Alliance TC12 Interoperability test with 1000BASE-T1.


gPTP (IEEE 802.1AS) Validation Test

In this video we validate gPTP with an R&S RTO6 oscilloscope to measure and compare 1pps signals according to IEEE 802.1AS


Flat frequency response for accurate measurements

For accurate signal acquisition, R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes have a flat frequency response over the entire specified bandwidth, ensuring accurate measurement results regardless of the signal frequency components.


Instant insight meets in-depth information

Engineered to deliver reliable results, the R&S®RTO6 oscilloscope is a sophisticated laboratory companion that uickly helps solve measurement problems and keeps things on schedule.


Zone trigger in time- and frequency-domain

Draw shapes on a waveform to have R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes zone trigger graphically separate events in both the time and frequency domains.


Decode capabilities for serial protocols

The R&S®RTO6 makes tracking down protocol errors or specific parts of a frame straightforward with a protocol aware trigger.


Detect EMI emissions with mask test

Defining masks is easy and flexible with the R&S®RTO6: just a few touchscreen or mouse gestures, generate a mask from a reference signal or define masks consisting of up to eight segments.


Customizable waveform display with R&S®SmartGrid

The R&S®SmartGrid of R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes helps to configure an individual layout of the waveform display.


Get an impression of the R&S®RTO6

Engineered to deliver reliable results, the R&S®RTO6 acts as a sophisticated laboratory companion to solve measurement problems quickly.


Seeing more with up to 16 bit resolution

The high-definition (HD) mode increases the vertical resolution of R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes up to 16 bit with digital filtering.


R&S®RTO6 series brings a new user interface for straightforward workflows

The R&S®RTO6 series oscilloscopes have a broad measurement toolset, a 15.6" touchscreen and streamlined user interface to help you quickly solve simple or complex circuit issues. Learn more in our video.


Comprehensive tools for fast and accurate results

Every R&S®RTO6 oscilloscope has over 90 measurement functions. They are organized by type into amplitude, time, jitter, eye, histogram and spectral measurements.


Powerful spectrum analysis on an oscilloscope

Operate the R&S®RTO6 frequency analysis function like a spectrum analyzer.


Finding signal anomalies quickly with unparalleled update rates

With optimized signal processing, R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes reach an exceptional update rate. The unique architecture allows the R&S®RTO6 to acquire, process and display up to 1 million waveforms/s. The high update rate is achieved even when histograms, masks or cursor measurements are active.


Straightforward workflows with easy-to-use user interface

R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes are extremely easy to use. The touchscreen-optimized GUI has gesture operations and the R&S®SmartGrid function for complex screen layouts.


Precise measurement due to low noise levels

For the R&S®RTO6 oscilloscope series, all aspects to minimize noise were considered for both 50 Ω and 1 MΩ input paths, from balanced BNC-compatible inputs with 18 GHz bandwidth to extremely low-inherent-noise frontends.


Measure small signals using HD Mode

R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes can trigger on even the smallest signal amplitudes and isolate relevant signal events


Measuring more with deep and responsive memory

Applications such as seamless acquisition of long pulse or protocol sequences often require even deeper memory. The R&S®RTO6 oscilloscope acquisition memory can be extended up to 2 Gpoints.


Oscilloscope with included waveform generator

The R&S®RTO6 oscilloscopes offer a fully integrated two-channel 100 MHz function generator, arbitrary waveform generator and eight-channel pattern generator.


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