Ultra-Wideband development testing of NXPs latest automotive chipset

This video shows a practical demonstration of how to measure the Angle of Arrival of NXP’s Trimension™ NCJ29D6 UWB automotive IC in the lab using an R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester and the R&S®ATS800R anechoic chamber.

It shows a test set up able to accurately control the direction of the signal from the test transmitter to the device under test. The CMP200 radio-communications tester provides a precisely defined UWB signal to the device under test over-the-air via the ATS800R shielded chamber. The shielded chamber of course has excellent isolation and absorption properties which create a controlled RF environment. It also has a precise positioner, able set a known angle between the broadcast antenna and the device under test, in this case the NXP NCJ29D5.

By comparing the Angle of Arrival indicated by the device under test to the known angle set by the chamber, the accuracy of the DUT can be calculated and the improvements of different design iterations can be precisely evaluated – thereby accelerating the development process.

Another benefit of this test system is the ability to generate a correction data matrix during calibration which characterizes the effect of the antenna and then compensates for it. This look up table can be calculated once and used multiple times in automatic test scripts to measure the performance of the chipset in isolation.

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