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ZNA-K50 Real Time S-Parameter Measurement Uncertainty

Short summary of how the R&S®ZNA using the power of VNA Tools by METAS, the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, can help benefit engineers to make traceable S-parameter measurements.


Demonstration of ZNA-K50 Real Time Uncertainty Calculation

Practical steps that engineers must perform to calibrate and run a verification test on the R&S®ZNA, measure traceable S-parameters on a device under test (DUT) and include traceable measurement uncertainties along with the S-parameters.


De-embedding and measuring a PCIe5 connector with R&S®VNA

By reference to settings and measurements with a vector network analyzer R&S®ZNA we are demonstrating the de-embedding process of a PCIe5 connector integrated in a test fixture.


Unique DUT centric operation

The R&S®ZNB offers a unique DUT-centric operation concept. This puts the DUT with its characteristics in the middle and helps you in setting up the measurement.


Multi-Touch operation concept

The multi-touch capability of the R&S®ZNB ensures a smooth and easy operation of the instrument.


Integrated Deembedding Software

For maximum accuracy in characterizing various components with fixtures, the R&S®ZNB has several industry standard de-embedding tools integrated in the R&S®ZNB Firmware


Solid performance for general purpose applications

The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer offers solid RF performance for your everyday needs.


Diverse measurement options

The R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer features a diverse number of measurement options.


R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZNA features a spectrum analyzer option (R&S®ZNA-K1).


R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzer

The new high-end Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZNA offers excellent RF-performance, highest precision and low trace-noise.


R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz Vector Network Analyzer R&S®ZNA offers a user-friendly DUT-centric operation. In DUT-centric mode, the user first selects the DUT type, e.g. amplifier or mixer. The instrument will then prompt the user, in a step-by-step process, to select and configure the desired measurements


R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz R&S®ZNA is the first Vector Network Analyzer with a touch-only dual-screen operation concept.


Application videos

Making pulsed measurements with a vector network analyzer - chapter 1

In this video we Introduce the basics of an RF pulse, some of the parameters associated around the pulse and how it looks in the frequency domain.


Making pulsed measurements with a vector network analyzer - chapter 2

In this video we introduce the concept behind making pulse measurements using the average (or narrow band) pulse technique and it’s limitations with respect to the duty cycle.


Making pulsed measurements with a vector network analyzer - chapter 3

In this video we see how the Point-in-pulse (or wideband) measurement technique overcomes the limitations of the average technique and consider some of the hardware requirements to perform the measurement successfully.


Making pulsed measurements with a vector network analyzer - chapter 4

In this final video we look at a special mode of measurements where the ZNA network analyzer can be used to analyze the pulse in time to study in much higher resolution what is happening during the “on time” of the RF pulse.


Vector receiver load-pull measurements

The combination of Maury Microwave Tuners plus IV CAD software together with the R&S®ZNA vector network analyzer makes vector receiver load-pull measurements easy.


#ThinkSix – OTA measurements for sub-THz communication in D-band

This video demonstrates the R&S®ATS1000 antenna test system from Rohde & Schwarz, now supporting frequencies up to 170 GHz.


Signal Integrity Measurements

In combination with the time domain option R&S®ZNA-K2 and the extended time domain option R&S®ZNA-K20, the R&S®ZNA VNA offers a variety of signal integrity measurements.


Mixer Basics and Scalar Mixer Measurements

This video demonstrates how to perform scalar mixer measurements with the R&S®ZNA.


Group Delay Measurements on Mixers without LO access

This video presents how to perform measurements on frequency converting devices that have an embedded LO with an R&S®ZNA.


Intermodulation Measurements on an Amplifier

This video shows how to perform intermodulation measurements on devices under test, in this case an amplifier, on the R&S®ZNA.


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