Webinar: Debugging automotive Ethernet using the trigger & decode

Debugging Automotive Ethernet using the Trigger & Decode

Automotive OABR Ethernet is now standardized as 100BASE-T1 in the IEEE. 100BASE-T1 is currently used in most new car developments as the new automotive standard. Analyzing bus communication, by connecting the bus to an oscilloscope measuring the bus voltage levels, is what developers use in traditional networks like CAN or LIN. This was not possible until today because 100BASE-T1 is a full duplex communication standard over a single twisted pair.

In this webinar we explain how Rohde & Schwarz made it possible to debug 100BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet as CAN networks are debugged. We will show examples, such as how bus analysis via triggering and decoding helps in developing ECUs with automotive Ethernet interfaces.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How 100BASE-T1 transmits data
  • How automotive Ethernet can be decoded
  • How to decode buses
  • How examples of the decoded bus look
  • How this opens new analysis capabilities

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