Webinar: Evolved MBMS - broadcast and multicast in LTE

Rohde & Schwarz LTE webinar from August 25, 2011

Evolved MBMS - Broadcast and Multicast in LTE

Commercial LTE Release 8 networks have been launched worldwide. The features of 3GPP Release 9 further enhance LTE, and first implementations are now being designed. Time to take a closer look. One of the key features in LTE Release 9 is called evolved MBMS.

MBMS stands for multimedia broadcast multicast services and enables broadcast and multicast services over a cellular network. Though it was initially defined in 3GPP Release 6 for UMTS, the OFDM-based LTE structure now offers a characteristic better suited to these services.

This webinar will give you a detailed technical background on what eMBMS is and how it works in conjunction with standard LTE. It will also offer insight on measurement applications related to eMBMS. The focus is on testing the receiver of the terminal, physical layer implementation and related algorithms using Rohde & Schwarz cutting edge test and measurement solutions, such as the R&S®SMU200A vector signal generator.

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