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Language: EN
Presenter: Maurice Uhlmann, Graziano Casale

Cutting operational costs of transmitter networks by 50%: Fact or fiction?

Today's broadcasters face the challenging task of achieving more with limited resources, putting a strain on budgets for new investments and ongoing operational expenses. Complicating matters further is the global consensus on the need for corporations to reduce carbon footprint emissions for a sustainable future.

Discover how new technology for TV transmitters can benefit TV stations and explore the tools available to broadcast engineers today. Gain an understanding of how a more efficient transmitter can have a positive impact on the entire transmitter site.

Reducing operational costs is a hot topic in the broadcast industry. But is it possible for a TV network to achieve a 50% reduction in operational expenses (OPEX) by leveraging modern technology? Watch this webinar to uncover the truth behind this claim and learn from our experts.

Our experts presented real numbers and conducted a ROI calculation to demonstrate the potential benefits of upgrading.