R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver

R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 Portable monitoring receiver
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R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, front view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, side view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, side view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, back view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, side view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, side view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, front view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, front view R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver, side view

Key facts

  • Detect, analyze and locate RF signals from 8 kHz to 8 GHz (20 GHz with R&S®HE400DC)
  • Comprehensive tool for frequency and time domain analysis with up to 40 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Extensive preselection filtering and automatic overload protection
  • Optimized for demanding field operations with minimal size, weight and power consumption
  • Convenient, simple and intuitive operation with application-oriented user interface

High-performance spectrum monitoring and direction finding in a handheld format

The R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver is engineered to effectively support spectrum monitoring, interference hunting and site testing. It reliably detects, analyzes and locates signals from 8 kHz to 8 GHz. Optimized for field operations, it is a perfect balance between RF performance and operability, while offering a range of measurement functions suitable for complex 5G signals.

Features & benefits

Outstanding in performance

Designed by experts

The R&S®PR200 offers high-speed digital signal processing for seamless, real time signal capturing and processing. The state-of-the-art design incorporates the features and capabilities of today’s spectrum monitoring sensors in a handheld format.

Simplified diagram of digital signal processing in the R&S®PR200
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Simplified diagram of digital signal processing in the R&S®PR200

The R&S®PR200 is based on classic Rohde & Schwarz monitoring receiver designs for a two-path digital downconverter (DDC) with parallel monitoring and uninterrupted demodulation

Wide range of tool sets

Comprehensive tools for spectrum monitoring, signal analysis and geolocation

  • Parallel time and frequency domain analysis in zero span mode
  • Time-gated spectrum for interference hunting in TDD networks
  • Mapping functions with triangulation and level mapping
  • Parallel polychrome and waterfall display
  • Various recording and replay modes
  • Manual and automatic direction-finding
  • Analysis of analog signals in line with ITU Recommendations

Polychrome with waterfall display
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Polychrome with waterfall display

The polychrome display reveals hidden signals that may otherwise be invisible

Compact and lightweight

Optimized for size, weight and power

  • Weighs approx. 3.5 kg including battery
  • Typically up to 3.5 h operation time on a single battery charge
  • Only approx. 16 W power consumption 

Manual direction finding with the R&S®HE400
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Manual direction finding with the R&S®HE400

Manual homing direction finding and automatic triangulation with the R&S®HE400 handheld directional antenna and legacy handheld directional antennas

Intuitive user interface

Well-designed user interface for easy operation

  • Application-oriented user interface
  • High contrast color schemes for good readability even in bright sunlight
  • One-touch buttons to save screenshots and record measurements 
  • Smartphone application dedicated for homing operation available

Smartphone application
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Smartphone application

The smartphone application provides easy homing operations 

Robust and reliable

Optimized for field use

  • Built-in self-test for easy troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Quick disconnect and use with Rohde & Schwarz handheld and compact DF antennas
  • Operable with gloves
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Tested in line with the MIL-PRF-28800F environmental standard

Quick disconnect and use with R&S antennas
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Quick disconnect and use with R&S antennas

The connectors can be easily connected and disconnected

I/Q snapshot, record and replay

The smallest details make the difference

  • Snapshot recording and replay of digital I/Q data up to 40 MHz of real-time bandwidth
  • Wide range of user definable trigger conditions (manual, external and user-definable)
  • Evaluation of recorded digital I/Q data directly on the instrument GUI or the PC-based R&S®PR200 GUI using the I/Q analysis app
  • High time resolution (waterfall diagram) of up to one microsecond per line
  • Export in various file extension formats (IQ, HDF5, ARB and WAV)

Replay of results
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Replay of results

Recorded signals of 2.4 GHz ISM band evaluated offline with the I/Q analysis app on the R&S®PR200 GUI

Available options

Software options

Order number 4500.7070.02


Panorama scan

Fast spectrum/monitoring scan over the entire frequency range


Order number 4500.7040.02


Polychrome spectrum

Display of signal level occurence in a color-coded spectrum


Order number 4500.7211.02


Field strength measurement

Field strength measurements in line with ITU recommendations


Order number 4500.7340.02


Modulation measurement

Analog modulation measurements in line with ITU recommendations


Order number 4500.7111.02


Time domain measurement

Simultaneous frequency and time domain analysis


Order number 4500.7370.02


Direction finding upgrade

Direction finding for a selected signal in the real-time bandwidth


Order number 4500.7240.02


Trace recording and replay

Recording and replay of spectrum traces, measurement results and audio 


Order number 4500.7140.02


Mapping and geotagging

Display of measurement results on a map


Order number 4500.7170.02


Timestamp accuracy

Accurate timestamps and external GNSS support


Order number 4500.7270.02


IQ Snapshot, Record & Replay

Up to 40 MHz IQ data can be recorded & replay on/from internal memory


Order number 4500.7311.02


Spectral Measurement for analysis

Occupied bandwidth and channel power measurements in line with ITU recommendations  

Handheld antennas

Order number 4104.6000K02


Handheld directional antenna

8 kHz to 8 GHz; integrated switchable LNA; electronic compass and GNSS; automatic module recognition; trigger function


Order number 4104.6000.05


Handheld directional antenna with downconverter

20 MHz to 20 GHz; integrated downconverter; integrated switchable LNA; electronic compass and GNSS; automatic module recognition; trigger function


Order number 4104.6000K04


Basic handheld directional antenna

8 kHz to 20 GHz; fully passive; mechanical compass

Antenna modules

Order number 4104.8002.02


HF antenna module, 8 kHz to 30 MHz


Order number 4104.8202.02


VHF antenna module, 20 MHz to 200 MHz


Order number 4104.6900.02


UWB antenna module, 30 MHz to 6 GHz


Order number 4104.8402.02


Log-periodic antenna module, 450 MHz to 8 GHz


Order number 4104.7306.02


Cellular antenna module, 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz


Order number 4104.7606.02


S band and C band antenna module, 1.7 GHz to 6 GHz


Order number 4104.8602.02


SHF antenna module, 5 GHz to 20 GHz

Direction finding antennas

Order number 4090.7005.02


Compact VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 1.3 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof, tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS


Order number 4096.0002.02


Compact UHF/SHF DF antenna

600 MHz to 6 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof, tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS


Order number 4096.0002.12


Compact passive VHF/UHF DF antenna

600 MHz to 6 GHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof; tripod or carrying harness; integrated GPS; entirely passive from 600 MHz to 2.9 GHz


Order number 4098.2002.07


Collapsible VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 690 MHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a tripod or portable mast; integrated GPS


Order number 1321.1340.02


Vehicle adapter 

Powers the instrument and the R&S®HA-Z303 external battery charger


Order number 1321.1328.02


External battery charger

Charges batteries outside of the instrument


Order number 1321.1334.02


Battery pack

Lithium-ion battery with discharge indicator, 6.4 Ah


Order number 1309.6198.00


Carrying holster

Including chest harness and rain cover


Order number 3589.9458.00


Accessory for R&S®HA-Z222

Sun shade and carrying handle for carrying holster


Order number 4071.9258.02


Suitcase kit

Hard-shell suitcase with headphones, telescopic antenna and storage space for R&S®PR200 


Order number 4104.9009.02


Transport case 

Hard-shell case for R&S®PR200 and R&S®HE400 with up to 5 antenna modules


Order number 4104.9050.02


Transport bag (small) for R&S®HE400


Order number 4104.9080.02


Transport bag (large) for R&S®HE400


Order number 4090.8801.02


Vehicle adapter with magnet mount

Vehicle roof installation for R&S®ADD107/R&S®ADD207/R&S®ADD207P


Order number 4090.8860.02


Wooden tripod 

Tripod installation for R&S®ADD107/R&S®ADD207/R&S®ADD207P


Order number 3665.6866.02


Web-based operating training module 1: Receiver operations


Order number 3665.6743.02


Web-based operating training module 2: Operations with R&S®HE400


Order number 3665.6737.02


Web-based operator training module 3: Direction finder operations


Order number 3665.6720.02


Web-based operator training module 4: Operations with R&S®MobileLocator


Order number 3665.6714.02


Classroom operator training: Receiver operations and operations with R&S®HE400 (1 day)


Order number 3665.6708.02


Classroom operator training: Receiver operations, operations with R&S®HE400, direction finder and R&S®MobileLocator (2 days)

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