Vehicle Access Control (UWB, BLE)

Vehicle Access Control (UWB, BLE)

Ultra-Wideband technology for automotive convenience and security

UWB's accurate ranging, low power consumption, high security and reliability makes it suitable for many automotive applications, particularly keyless vehicle access. In the coming years, almost all smartphones will support UWB and the technology will be widely adopted by vehicle manufacturers to support applications such as indoor navigation, access credential sharing using a Digital Key, handsfree payment and parking assistance. Further in the future, UWB applications could also include in-car child presence detection, health monitoring and gesture recognition. Testing fundamental parameters such as Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) is critical to ensure the correct operation of UWB-based functions in modern vehicles.

Rohde & Schwarz offers a complete suite of UWB testing solutions and supports global cross-industry standards for UWB with active membership of FiRa and the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

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Your challenges

  • Ensure interoperability with UEs and correct operation of automotive UWB applications such as keyless vehicle access and start
  • Demanding requirement to generate and analyze very wideband and low power of UWB signals
  • Very accurate (+/- 100ps) Time-of-Flight (ToF) measurements capability to enable the verification and calibration of components
  • Compliance with IEEE 802.15.4z standard and FiRa & CCC certification program
  • Obligation to ensure compliance with regional / local telecommunications authority regulations

Features of Rohde & Schwarz solutions

  • Able to measure ToF and AoA Rx and Tx parameters in conducted and radiated mode in a single instrument
  • Compliant to IEEE 802.15.4a/z specifications and support of FiRa pre-conformance and conformance tests
  • Very convenient pre-conformance and conformance testing for R&D
  • Optimized production with automated and shielded OTA measurements using dedicated UWB PHY test suite
  • Comprehensive suite of solutions from radio communication testers to oscilloscopes, signal generators and analyzers

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz solutions

  • Consistency by using same test equipment from R&D to large-scale production
  • Complete test portfolio from one hand provides cost and time efficiencies
  • Cost reduction by reuse of CMP200 for both 5G mmW / FR2 and UWB functions
  • Risk reduction by using R&S expert, standards-compliant OTA test solutions to precisely validate ToF and AoA
AUT handsfree vehicle access control

For handsfree vehicle access control, these wireless technologies are required:

  • BLE is for data exchange
  • UWB is for precise ranging
  • SE (Secure Element) provides the required keys
  • NFC is used as back-up

Our expert

Martina Neuherz

Martina Neuherz, Market Segment Manager Automotive, Rohde & Schwarz

“Testing the UWB devices is important in both the laboratory and production line to ensure compliance with regulatory aspects as well as correct module function and the accuracy of the positioning. As a leader in wireless device testing, Rohde & Schwarz provides a full range of UWB test solutions for research and development, certification, chipset characterization and production to accurately measure key parameters such as Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Angle-of-Arrival (AoA).”

Resources for vehicle access control testing

Application Note: Automotive UWB Device Testing Over the Air

OTA UWB device testing reflects the usage of DUT in a real conditions and provides an accurate characterization of its performance. In this application note, the R&S® OTA test solution covering transmitter (Tx), receiver (Rx) and Time of Flight (ToF) testing in Wireless Automated Testing (WMT) environment is described based on the NXP Trimension™ NCJ29D5 UWB automotive IC.

More information

Poster: UWB for enhanced ranging devices

The latest advances to Ultra-Wideband are adding both enhanced security and higher ranging accuracy. With this free Rohde & Schwarz poster have all important details of the physical layer and positioning techniques right there on the wall.

More information

App card: Accurately measure your UWB device's time of flight

Learn more about accurate setup for time of flight measurements in validation, calibration and certification - provided by using the R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester together with the R&S®CM-Z300A time of flight kit.

More information

White Paper: Ultra wideband physical layer testing and certification

The fine-ranging and security capabilities of Ultra-wideband (UWB) make it very well suited for automotive applications such as Remote Keyless Entry. Learn about the details of the technology and how to test them in this white paper.

More information

Application Note: UWB testing with the CMP200 radio communications tester

This application note describes how to use the UWB measurement functionality provided by R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester to perform HRP UWB PHY measurements for R&D and production purposes.

More information

App card: Simplify FiRa™ certification for your UWB device

The validated UWB PHY test suite for the R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester simplifies FiRa™ Consortium PHY conformance testing.

More information

Webinars & Videos for vehicle access control testing

Webinar: Realizing the full potential of UWB with smart testing

In this webinar we explain the latest trends in the UWB market, including upcoming test and certification requirements.

More information

Ultra wideband performance testing over the air for R&D

Ultra wideband performance testing over the air for R&D

Watch our experts at MWC 2023 to learn about fully automated test solutions that help to quickly test and compare various device designs in order to achieve the most accurate UWB localization.

More information

Application video: Ultra-Wideband development testing of NXP’s latest automotive chipset

This video shows a practical demonstration of how to measure the Angle of Arrival of NXP’s Trimension™ NCJ29D6 UWB automotive IC using an R&S®CMP200 radio communications tester and the R&S®ATS800R anechoic chamber. The accuracy of the DUT can be calculated and the improvements of different design iterations can be precisely evaluated – thereby accelerating the development process.

Watch Video

Webinar: Reinforce a seamless UWB experience

The foundation for creating the ultimate ultra-wideband (UWB) user experience is the seamless interworking of UWB devices. In this webinar, we will provide you with an update on UWB technology and ecosystem trends. We will also introduce a physical layer conformance test tool from Rohde & Schwarz and demonstrate angle of arrival (AoA) accuracy validation.

More information

Explainer video: R&S®CMP200 – fine-tuned for ultra-wideband

Ultra Wideband Technology and how to test it.

Watch this short video to get an introduction to UWB technology and the characteristics that make it well-suited for particular use cases and applications, including remote vehicle access. The video also covers testing using a R&S®CMP200 radio communication tester.

More information

Webinar: Testing ultra-wideband for automotive applications

Gain insights into testing UWB for Automotive applications, and learn about UWB technology and the related test requirements.

Register now

Webinar: Discover the secrets of UWB based on IEEE 802.15.4

The advent of ultra-wideband (UWB) on phones, watches and cars calls for a deeper look at the technology and its impact on test and certification. In this webinar, we will give you the latest updates on the evolution of the UWB standard for secure communication and ranging, as specified in IEEE 802.15.4z.

More information

Related products

R&S®CMP200 Wideband Radio Communication Tester

  • UWB Tx, Rx, ToF and AoA measurement
  • Ideal for R&D and production
  • FiRa certification conformance options KC-300 and KT-300

Product information

R&S®ATS800R Rack-mountable CATR chamber for 5G NR mmWave signals

  • Very compact and portable CATR test chamber
  • High-precision state-of-the-art reflector with rolled edges
  • Unparalleled quiet zone size with a footprint of 0.7 m2

Product information

R&S®FSW Signal and spectrum analyzer

  • Dedicated UWB option
  • 800 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth
  • High dynamic range

Product information

R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator

  • Integrated fading
  • All major communications standards, incl. UWB
  • GNSS simulator

Product information

R&S®RTP Oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 4 GHz to 16 GHz
  • Up to 16 bit resolution
  • All trigger events at full bandwidth

Product information

R&S®CMQ200 shielding cube

  • Perfect for mass production OTA testing
  • Drawer concept for automated handling
  • Ready for UWB, 5G and other technologies

Product information

R&S®TS7124 RF shielded box

  • Perfect for mass production OTA testing
  • Drawer concept for automated handling
  • Ready for UWB, 5G and other technologies

Product information

R&S WMT software service

Rohde & Schwarz WMT is a software service for automated chipset and module RF testing. Our modular software framework is tailored for high volume production testing and non-signaling R&D applications

Product information

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